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Ending Addictions: How To Overcome Personal Struggles With Support And Guidance

An addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable and often harmful attachment to an activity, behavior or substance. People can become addicted to all sorts of things and there's help available to identify and work through the underlying causes, to achieve freedom forever.

RTT Comes to Life: 

Robeena shares how to heal the world one mind at a time…

In this brave and inspiring interview, Robeena shares how RTT helped her overcome unhealed abuse issues from her past, to achieve mental and emotional freedom.

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Marisa loves the power of songs and frequently gives her clients song lyrics to sing over and over because the repetition wires positive thoughts into them and this is the precursor for positive actions. Download her uplifting playlist here.

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Thank you so much Stella Jade Belvoir for sharing and inspiring us with your personal experience...

“Just over a year ago I was fighting a daily battle with depression and alcohol addiction, filled with despair at the prospect of losing my family. A year ago today my life changed. I went for Rapid Transformational Therapy to help pull me out of alcohol and drug addiction. I knew next to nothing about what it would entail, nor did I hold much hope in it working. After all, nothing else had. But I walked out of my session free of the addictions, despair, and depression. The last year has been a blessing. I have seen my son born and grow into the happiest not-so-little baby. And my star daughter has flourished into the kindest, most affectionate little girl (although she would say she is a big girl!).

It hasn’t been a perfectly smooth ride. I have found myself at times plagued with guilt and remorse, as well as shame and, of course, grief. George Shelley said, "Grief is like glitter: no matter how much you try and tidy it up you’re never going to get rid of it all. You’re always going to find bits of it." But despite all this, the one thing I haven’t had need for is alcohol. I went from drinking until blackout to having zero desire for alcohol. I can hand on heart say that in a whole year I have not once desired a drink. Massive thanks go to Philippa Bottrill for transforming my life, and to the inimitable Marisa Peer for giving RTT to the world.

Addiction, depression and mental health is a broad-spectrum issue, indiscriminate of gender, class, and race. Today, suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45. Don’t suffer in silence. RTT works – I am proof of that. Reach out to your nearest RTT Therapist.”

Now, a year on, Stella Jade Belvoir is a qualified RTT therapist and already helping free other people from their issues and changing people’s lives for the better.

Become qualified in world-leading techniques and transformational tools to change people’s lives, including your own with RTT Online. You can now train with Marisa, from the comfort of your own home at times that suit you and your lifestyle.

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