Wellness Weekly 12 July 2019

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How To Live A Happy Life - Keep It Simple

How do you live a happy life? It is often the simple things that mean the most. This article is all about simplicity - what does it mean to you? Find out how a day of simplicity can dramatically improve your life - National Simplicity Day 12 July.

RTT Comes To Life: 

Tiffani Cappello - Lessons From a Life-Changing Process

In this revealing interview, Tiffani shares her personal experiences, the most important lessons she’s learned, and what she considers to be the ‘life-changing process’ that’s helped the most.

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This week we share some course feedback from a Doctor training in RTT...

“For me, this year has been and continues to be an amazing year of change. I am about to leave a well-paid job as a GP partner in order to pursue my passion. This has no doubt been one of the most exciting and also scariest periods of my life. I have realized that the mind is far more powerful than we could ever imagine and the only limitations we face are the ones we put in place. My passion is to empower people and in particular women who also want to change their lives. Marisa Peer’s Method has no doubt played a crucial part in this, not only for the amazing things I have learned including all the tools to remove root causes of problems and friendships made but also for the simple fact that this was an investment in me. I also understand that knowledge alone is not enough, action is required and often in the face of fear and uncertainty. Desire and faith are crucial ingredients of successful change. And adding my name here is part of this change, one year ago I would never have dared and this courage is in part owed to Marisa and her wonderful method. I am very grateful! X”

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We are delighted to announce that by popular demand we are adding new dates for the RTT Professional Live training  - click through to find out more and secure your place now. And if you’ve ever dreamed of spending time in Marisa’s company, now’s your chance!  

We are delighted to offer you the rare and exciting chance to join Marisa in person, and experience how her life-changing methods can create the life you were meant to live. 

Marisa Peer will be live at just a few chosen locations,  in London, LA and Melbourne.