Wellness Weekly 10 May 2019

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Sleep Well Again:  

Can Hypnosis Help with Sleep Disorders?

A lack of quality sleep can hinder your alertness and quality of life while awake, as anyone with sleeping issues already knows. For people struggling with sleep problems and insomnia, hypnosis may help bring calmness for you to sleep well again.

World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day: 

Do you know the symptoms?

World Ovarian Cancer Day on Wednesday 8th May brought together women from all over the world to raise awareness and support for Ovarian Cancer. Like with all cancers, knowing the symptoms can help with early detection, yet so many people are unclear on the signs to look out for. Do you know the symptoms and how to help? Read on to find out...

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This week we share an email we received from someone who is very happy with their perfect deep unbroken sleep and new positive empowering beliefs...

“I feel absolutely amazing, my close friends, colleagues and family are all astonished and extremely happy. A little back pain which I am re-conditioning my mind to get rid of, turning the volume down lowwwww. I listened to the session with your calm and peaceful voice which kept sending me off to sleep.

I did take medication including sleeping aid which I did not need last night that I am phasing out (my choice of course). I woke up full of beans and got to work the earliest I have ever got with the least amount of effort. Speaking positiveness into my psyche every minute; to hell with all the people that think am too happy. I am a happy, healthy and healed person who will continue to be now and forever more.

My life is forever changed. I will touch base with you and please do so as well. I am extremely happy, excited, ecstatic, fearfully and wonderfully made.”