Wellness Weekly 8 February 2019

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Time To Talk

Time to Talk Day, on Thursday 7 February 2019, encourages everyone to talk about mental health. Your attitude and willingness to have a conversation around mental health could quite literally make all the difference and help change lives for good.

12 Tips On How to Heal Depression

This week’s relevant resource and free gift:

FREE: More Connection, No Rejection

Join Marisa TODAY, Sat 9th Feb, for a FREE powerful webinar and live Q&A.
The world is being deeply affected by a disconnection epidemic. 

Knowing how to Get More Connection and No Rejection could be life- changing for you, your loved ones and clients. You deserve to feel connected and deeply happy. Reconnect to who you truly are and the fulfilling life you’re meant to live.

Sat 9th February 2019
6pm UK  / 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.

Your News and Views:

We are so proud of our incredible community and the success you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature one piece of feedback you’ve sent us, to share your REAL LIFE STORIES and achievements. Email any feedback to [email protected].

This week we share some amazing feedback from Samira Alexander who is successfully using RTT™ to ‘help so many people around the world overcome anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts’, and other issues…

“Marisa Peer is one amazing, caring, loving woman who helped me in my journey 18 years ago. Since then I’ve seen her help friends, family along the way. So when Marisa decided to launch her course I didn’t hesitate to sign up with her 3 years ago. It was her first ever course. I knew her technique worked and I always wanted to work with people at the subconscious level to get to the root of the issue quickly and to remove limiting beliefs and trauma so that the individual could start moving forward with their life. Afterall life is too short. I loved every second of her course. Learning how the mind works, how it can work against you and how you can work with it to achieve what you want. As a result, over the past 3 years but most definitely over the past 18 months, I have been blessed to help so many people around the world overcome anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of self-esteem, weight gain, financial loss, and helped stressed out execs and entrepreneurs get back on track with renewed energy and drive. And all of them achieving transformation in a very short space of time. I now get up every morning to a new bunch of text messages from my clients on how I changed their lives using RTT™. It’s the best job and feeling in the world to help someone live with a little more ease that day and forever. I love what I do and am truly blessed to have found Marisa 18 years ago who changed my life and now so many of my clients' lives are changed down to her technique. Thank you, Marisa Peer, love you tons and tons. thank you for being my angel.’

Upcoming events:

RTT™ Annual Conference, London 23 Feb 2019. Tickets for this event in London, which includes a beautiful lunch, are selling fast so make sure you book now: https://bit.ly/2CrJtxY. IET London, 2 Savoy Place, WC2R0BL