Wellness Weekly 22 February 2019

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10 Common Relationship Mistakes
That Threaten Relationships

Avoid these 10 common relationship mistakes to enjoy better relationships and feel more empowered and confident about yourself.

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Healthy Relationships Mini-Course

  • Discover what lovability really means and if you have it
  • Take control over how you allow relationships to develop in your life
  • Learn what may have been holding you back from the love you deserve
  • Make today the day you only accept fulfilling and loving relationships

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This week we share some feedback from one of our incredible community members who has successfully transformed their lives and improved their relationships...

“During Sept 15-23 I embarked on one of life's great destiny changing journeys doing Marisa's course and having a personal session with her. Since then I have likely listened to my recording, lovability, relationships,1-2 times a day in tandem basically morning and evening, plus any time I felt I was slipping from my plan. That was some 4 months ago, I recall suggesting to everyone on the course this would be their best single personal investment in themselves ever. Please let me share some results from someone who has trained with some of the world's best experts in motivation, positive intelligence, neuro-placidity, and personal success, not to ignore reading literally thousands of books over the years in business philosophy and self-improvement. I had sentenced myself to a lifetime of fear based on early experiences which limited my capabilities and caused me to shy away from my God-given skills, capabilities because I believed they represented a darker side to me. Well, Marisa not only changed that but I also took my son to China where he met my dream partner, yes my right partner, she and he formed love at first sight so I now have two special people in my life now. There is also a new project occurring in Toronto so I soon return to having a family being close to my son and using the incredible skills Marisa outlined. To say the least, she is simply the best in life transformation, do yourself a favor invest in her personal wisdom it will change how you practice and most of all it will unleash your creativity because you have taken the first quintessential step you have healed your own needs. Just like loving someone you have to love yourself before you heal others. Thank you, Marisa Peer.”

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