Wellness Weekly E58 20.12.19

How To Avoid Conflict At Christmas

Family gatherings are famous for family fallouts. Disagreeing is fine as long as you do it constructively. Here are some practical top tips on avoiding conflict at Christmas...

RTT Comes To Life:
Sam Ferres overcoming an autoimmune disease “to resume a normal, healthy, happy life because of RTT”

With a son in hospital needing chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, Sam used RTT to not only overcome her own challenges but “help other women change their lives.”

Nicole Mazzucato reveals how RTT helps her to help others…

Nicole shares how “RTT has changed my life in so many ways… I finally have the skillset and tools to be able to help people make genuine changes in their lives.”

Video of the week:

Why Relationships Fail and How to Ensure Yours Doesn’t - Marisa Peer

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Thank you Peter Antanaitis for this week’s feedback, your references made us smile...

“When I attended Marisa's course in London I was burnt out searching for a silver bullet to never feeling quite enough, or even approaching the cusp of being enough, regardless of my achievements, relationships and life vision, which seemed to dissipate into some fog of unknown darkness. 

Then I met Marisa, like a female Mick Jagger fused with intellect passion, power and the consummate purpose of healing. More importantly, she is a Sage, a SHI FU, a Master of her Craft. Like the proverbial Honky Tonk woman she took me upstairs and blew my mind with a private session and opened my door to helping others harmed by deep traumas and the feeling of incipient lack like a form of PTSD. 

Marisa is to psychology and behavioral change what Bill Gates is to software and humanity. She is that good and I consider her to be an amazing friend. Simply stated she is an exceptional mind of her time and the best in her field, I live in daily gratitude for her impact on my life and so many others.”

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