Wellness Weekly E57 13.12.19

How To Overcome The Barriers To Critical Thinking And Rejection

You can overcome critical thinking and rejection when you understand the simple powerful truths in this article. Don’t be diminished, use this to spur you to greatness...

RTT Comes To Life:

Marcus Matthews reveals how RTT “saved my life.”

In this incredibly inspiring article, former police officer and military man, Marcus Matthews, shares his moving real life story...

Kati Paeorg on why it “is an amazing life to live as an RTT therapist.”

In this brief interview, Kati shares more about training in RTT and the difference it has made to her life…

Video of the week:

Understanding Covert Narcissism (Essential Information You Need To Know) - Marisa Peer

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Thank you, Nicola Coates, we are really pleased with your feedback…

“Hi Marisa, I just started following you and have seen the transformational therapy work that you do .. just amazing !! I listened to one of your interviews and went through the hypnosis for rejection,  you helped me when I needed it with 'I am enough' also, so thank you 😊 x”

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