Wellness Weekly E56 6.12.19

The Secrets to Finding Love

We all want love in our lives and this article will explain how we can attract and maintain a lasting loving relationship…

RTT Comes To Life:
Nicoleta Draghici on how RTT “changed my life.”

Find out how RTT transformed Nicoleta’s life and her relationships, most importantly, the relationship with herself…

Melissa Boher Jacobson sings the success of RTT

With a background in transformational singing and performing, Melissa now uses RTT to “help change the future of children, teens, and their parents for the better.”

Video of the week:

5 Shocking Habits Of SUPER Successful People - Marisa Peer

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Thank you, Jill Lloyd, for this week’s wonderful feedback...

“Yes!!! Marisa Peer you have changed my life for the SO MUCH better!! Bye bye to a lifetime of unwanted anxiety, depression, fears, and unrestful sleep. Good riddance to merely getting through the day!! WELCOME to the PRECIOUS GIFT of EXCITED ANTICIPATION for life thanks to my renewed healthy unshakeable self-esteem, ever-improving self-confidence and a return to RESTFUL SLEEP that now miraculously replenishes my mind and body (after >25 years of disability due to sleeping disorders, including narcolepsy!) Welcome to peace of mind, joy, amazing personal achievement and astonishingly improved quality of life!!! Welcome to phenomenal transformation!!! My gratitude to you and my passion, now, to help others achieve just as much and more of their life dreams is infinite!!!!!! With my most sincere love, admiration and respect, here’s to RTT! !!!!! Here’s to Marisa Peer!!!!!!!!!”

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