Wellness Weekly E54 22.11.19

Will You Be Joining The Last RTT Training Of 2019?

We are excited for our final RTT Professional of 2019, what a great way to end the year! If you’ve been considering a new fulfilling career for 2020, NOW is the time to take action!
Book a call with one of the RTT team now before it closes and find out if you qualify to join us in December. We would love to see you there.

We are also delighted to announce a small Practice Intensif for Melbourne from 8-10 December 2019. This is a full 3 days of practical hands-on training to compliment RTT. Book a call to find out more, or reserve your place now

Ask Marisa Anything: Stress The silent Killer
Replay: https://marisapeer.com/rtt-stress-the-silent-killer-webinar/

Is Stress Really The Silent Killer?
Marisa Peer’s Top Tips To Overcome Stress

Practical top tips and empowering strategies to overcome stress, which may just change your perspective and even improve your life…? 

RTT Comes to Life:
Michelle explains the freedom RTT gave her and her family

Michelle was interviewed live on Ask Marisa Anything, sharing her experiences of RTT training in Australia and the real results it has given her, her family, and her clients...

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How To Be Confident In Any Situation? (Body Language Secrets) - Marisa Peer

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Thank you, Mariel Jones, for your feedback, we are glad you enjoyed the webinar….

“WOW. I’ve just watched your webinar. I’m 27 and have struggled with stress and anxiety, confidence and fear for many years. Watching your webinar this morning has sparked something inside of me so much so it has actually made me cry as I type this. For years I’ve read books/blogs/meditation/tapping solutions etc and nothing seems to click. The way you have articulated the webinar made me feel a sense of who I used to be and who I want to be again ..but better. I can’t wait to start your I am Enough programme. Thank you Marisa.

Upcoming Events:

RTT Practice Intensif will be in Melbourne from 8-10 December 2019. Book a call to find out more, or reserve your place now