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Thank you, @rawbirbella justthat, for sharing this inspiring story on YouTube...

“Dear Marisa, Thank you for all your wonderful work. One year ago I found your books and videos and have been studying them constantly. You totally changed my mindset and how I am handling my thoughts and therefore my life. I was deeply stuck in trauma and depression and food-addiction (my only drug of choice for numbing the incessant unexplainable pain of life down) in big parts because of some ongoing health catastrophe of a loved one, unable to get over this for many years. Paralyzed would be the word. And it took away all the joy from my life. Listening to you and working daily on my thoughts has changed my life in so many ways. Now, finally, 50 years of age, not a day goes by without a situation where I use some of your techniques to bump up my spirits and self-worth and positive outlook on life. I start with this on my short commute to my boring office job.......and I really started to enjoy it so much more by telling my brain loads of positive things. This just worked.  I have been slightly depressed for my whole life, mostly without a reason, battling those constant assaults of dark thoughts. I just very very sadly did not know anything about the concept of choosing, creating and deciding my own thoughts. I started reading self-help-books age 20 but never really stepped into something THIS SIMPLE that could be of help. I really felt a powerless victim to the constant stream of slightly melancholic and sad thoughts. And of course, life throws curve-balls at you that kick you out of balance more than other people because you already start at a very very low place. There is a strong genetic component of that in my family - but even that concept makes me laugh now as it can be overridden in a second, if only you KNOW about the possibility of creating your own thought. In the last year, I learned that thoughts can be chosen by me and that my brain will respond positively when I flood it with positivity. And it sure works and has made me the serene person I always would have wanted to be. Your no-nonsense approach is what made me wake up from slumber, take action and become alive again. From the outside nothing has changed in my life but in fact, everything has changed for me and I am very thankful to you for getting out there and helping so many of us..”

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