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Wellness Weekly 30 Nov

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As part of providing you with helpful healthy lifestyle resources, as it’s the Last week of World Vegan Month, it’s the perfect time to consider...

Is Dairy Bad For You?
The truth about dairy may very well surprise you...

It’s not just vegans who don’t eat dairy. With the statistics of 1 in 2 people being diagnosed with cancer, everyone’s becoming more aware of what we put in our bodies and want to make healthier choices. This article contains some useful scientific research and practical insights to help make healthier choices and have you looking and feeling incredible.

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This week, Liz Jones reports back on You Can Be Thin: The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting Forever.

“This is an amazing book that really works, there is no doubt about it! To my knowledge, there is no other book quite like it for helping people to become thin in a healthy, holistic way. Marisa gets to the root causes of why we eat too much and therefore gain too much weight. Her methods of reversing the destructive eating patterns many people suffer from in their lives are exceptionally effective. It is no wonder that celebrities and royalty flock to her for treatment on a one-to-one basis and have had their lives transformed. I would recommend this book to anyone who has tried a series of 'quick-fix' diets. I have learnt from Marisa that when one changes one's mindset, one is able to make much healthier choices about what one eats. As a Complementary Therapist myself, I cannot recommend this book enough. Marisa is a marvel and I have happened to hear about the multitude of lives Marisa has transformed with her expert help and unique, revolutionary methods. I would say, 'don't knock it until you have tried it yourself' as I started to change my eating habits whilst half-way through reading the book !! Prepare to have your life transformed !!”

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