Wellness Weekly 29 March 2019

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Cereals and Grains - are they good for you or do they keep you fat?

So many of you enjoyed our ‘5 addictive foods to avoid for healthy eating’, that we thought we'd dive into each one a little more, like this article: Is Dairy Bad For You?

This week, we look at ‘Cereals and Grains - are they good for you or do they keep you fat?’ You may be surprised to learn what ‘cattle feed’ is doing to our bodies and I also provide some delicious and nutritious alternatives.

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What to Eat - 3 Tasty Healthy Alternatives to Carbs 
Inspire yourself with these delicious alternatives to carbs, which are much healthier and will help you maintain your perfect weight.

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“I'm wondering who else is experiencing great results with being indifferent to particular foods or really anything else. My experience: gluten free for 6 years and as the years have gone by I became less interested in anything full of gluten. What I have noticed since taking the online RTT in March is my awareness level has heightened as has my indifference to many foods. The more I talk about it with clients and making the recordings the more indifferent I have become. I find this an incredible benefit and definitely raises my belief level. Indifference is so powerful....I never feel deprived....Actually I feel elated!” 

                                                                                                     -         Anon.

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