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5 Tips For Getting on With Family This Time of Year

Christmas is renowned for being a stressful time, full of family fallouts and arguments. These 5 tips will help you get on with family this time of year.

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Dear Marisa,

Becoming a certified MPM therapist has totally transformed my life into a much more beautiful and meaningful one and I'm constantly in awe of how powerful your method is and how many lives I have touched for the better with the help of it. I have helped

  • many kids (including my daughter) become more self-confident and sleep way better during the night
  • 2 amazing ladies got pregnant, each of them trying for years before that
  • helped countless single moms to solve their self-confidence/lovability/not enough issues and find meaningful, loving relationships
  • helped a lady to move from almost losing her baby when 7 months pregnant to have a healthy full-term pregnancy; unfortunately, her doctor would not give her the go-ahead to give birth naturally even if she was full on convinced that she could do it
  • several people heal from eczema, back pains, migraines
  • helped a friend to deal with the loss of two family members within days and most of all I now have a tool to help friends in need
  • I just found out a few days ago that a friend has been diagnosed with leukemia and I instantly made him a healing vortex

Before meeting you and coming to your course I would have just felt sad, unable to help in such situations. But now everything is different, countless times better and truly heart melting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for transforming my life for the better, I'm forever grateful to you! I hope you are doing amazing and look forward to seeing you again in our next week seminar. Many hugs and million thanks - Lauran Marin

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