Wellness Weekly 27 September 2019

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How To Overcome A Fear Or Phobia - 3 Powerful Rules Of The Mind

Fears and Phobias can ruin lives and cause unnecessary anxiety. Marisa Peer reveals her expert practical steps on how to overcome any fear or phobia - forever. Life-changing!

RTT Comes to Life:
Sally Garozzo overcame fear and anxiety with RTT 
and her ‘whole life changed’.

Sally Garozzo opens up on how she overcame fear and chronic anxiety with RTT, to change her whole life, double her income and now feels ‘so nourished on the inside.’

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How to Overcome Fears and Phobias - Marisa Peer

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  • At a very early age, you might have acquired a fear of being judged. Most of us experience this fear throughout our lives, and it is so easy to let that fear take away our self-esteem
  • Is it difficult to get back? My answer is NO, it is not! And I can teach you how to do it
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  • You’ll learn how to control and eliminate this fear, leaving only a STRONG sense of self-esteem in its place.

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We are so proud of our incredible community and the successes you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature feedback and share your real-life stories. Please email your story to [email protected]. Thank you, Barbara, for your recent feedback on Facebook...

“Dear awesome Marisa, Dear amazing Team,

I can not thank you for all the amazing, outstanding work you are all doing.

RTT has not only changed my life and the lives of my loved ones. The program’s ensured that I start to believe again in myself and accept myself as the lovely and amazing person that I am. I have been at the darkest place a human can ever be for the 2nd time in my life. You and all your programs supported me in leading myself out of this place in such a kind manner forever.

Miracles are starting to pop up everywhere. Everyone around me is gaining confidence just by being me from the inside out.

Little by little, step by step, I am realising and expressing that I - as everyone else on this planet - was born as a miracle coming on this planet to create miracles.



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