Wellness Weekly 22 March 2019

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We’re so excited to announce that Marisa is offering an EXCLUSIVE VIP half-day with her, in her home in Vancouver, LA or London.  It’s never been offered before and might never be offered again, so grab your chance to train with Marisa and spend quality time with her at the end of the course.  Places are limited so enrol now to secure your place.

Marisa Peer’s ‘Rules Of The Mind’

Last week was Brain Awareness Week and Marisa’s ‘Rules of the Mind’ empowers everyone to work with their mind, not against it.  Understanding how your mind works and applying these mind hacks will enable you to achieve lasting transformational change in your life.

This week's FREE GIFT :

The 5 “Rules Of The Mind” That Build Your Self-Esteem

You were born with extraordinary confidence - everyone is.  In this free Condensed Course, Marisa shares some of her powerful, cutting edge techniques from her award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy™ that will help you to reactivate the confidence you were born with.

PLUS - Marisa’s TEDx Talk: How to reach beyond your limits by training your mind.

Your News and Views : 

We are so proud of our incredible community and the success you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature one piece of feedback you’ve sent us, to share your REAL LIFE STORIES and achievements. Email any feedback to [email protected].

This week we share some feedback from Michele Barios about their client’s life-changing results from RTT™.

“Just had to share. I have been working with a client (3 Sessions) on several issues: Confidence, Money, Relationships. He has had dramatic changes, and his life now is very different. When we started he said he woke up everyday with depression, anxiety and a pit in his stomach. Now it is all gone. He has confidence, has been traveling and having fun, and even went dancing and did not care what people thought. He has never gone dancing before. Today I received an additional payment marked "Tip". It is so wonderful to see the amazing changes we can help people make with their lives.”

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