Wellness Weekly 18 Jan

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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer.

Monday 21 - Sunday 27 January is cervical cancer prevention week. Find out how to prevent cervical cancer and help save lives. Get involved and show your support for #smearforsmear.

This week’s relevant resource and free gift:

How To Deal With Anxiety & Have Phenomenal Coping Skills

Receiving a worrying diagnosis can be a time of immense stress, overwhelm and depression for many. Find out how to deal with anxiety and have phenomenal coping skills to rapidly transform your life.

Your News and Views:

We are so proud of our incredible community and the success you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature one piece of feedback you’ve sent us, to share your REAL LIFE STORIES and achievements. Email any feedback to [email protected].

This week we share a wonderful story of how RTT™can help those who are suffering...

“My beloved mother slipped peacefully away on Friday night. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and compassion. Marisa, I extend such a special thank you. As a cancer patient, my mother had monthly trips to the hospital for painful and stressful infusions. She hated needles. Since April I have used my skills to hypnotise and relax her and she loved it. Swore she never felt a thing. Most importantly I could use my training and skills which she so trusted to quietly talk to her and soothe her during my bedside vigil until her passing. Marisa, this was the most wonderful gift for which I am eternally grateful and I could never have done this a year ago. Those last days were beautiful, filled with love, and I think I have had truly understood the meaning of unconditional love and compassion.

My mother had a gloriously long and fulfilled life which I can now celebrate with a light heart and the greatest memories. We are after all eternal beings.

Thank you all again dear friends”

Upcoming events:

RTT™ Annual Conference, London 23 Feb 2019. Tickets for this event in London, which includes a beautiful lunch, are selling fast so make sure you book now: https://bit.ly/2CrJtxY. IET London, 2 Savoy Place, WC2R0BL