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Wellness Weekly 11 Jan

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Thank YOU for making the very first I AM ENOUGH Day a huge success!

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RTT In The News This Week:

To help celebrate World Hypnosis Day, Sunny Bird shared her story of how just one session of RTT helped her welcome her daughter into the world, after 10 years of struggling to conceive. This is a great example of the life-changing power of Rapid Transformational Therapy and the difference it makes to our client’s lives.

How to Get Pregnant

Discover the 12 blocks that prevent pregnancy and 3 keys for pregnancy success.

How to get pregnant is one of the biggest life-changing questions I help people with all the time. I have successfully helped women all over the world conceive, even those diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

This week's resource and FREE gift

This week we share some amazing feedback from Samira Alexander who is successfully using RTT™ to ‘help so many people around the world overcome anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts’, and other issues…

Free Gift

This week’s FREE GIFT is the introduction from Trying to get Pregnant (and Succeeding) plus the hugely practical Baby Exercise No. 1.

Your News and Views:

We are so proud of our incredible community and the success you are achieving. Each week we’ll feature one piece of feedback you’ve sent us, to share your REAL LIFE STORIES and achievements. Email any feedback to [email protected].

This week we share one of the wonderful mum’s feedback from Trying to Get Pregnant and succeeding...

Hello Marisa,

I came to see you back in April/May as I was having problems conceiving; I wasn’t producing any eggs naturally and was undergoing IVF. Unfortunately, I never produced an egg in the three attempts at IVF I had around that time. But I continued to listen to your CD of our session and stayed convinced that I could conceive. The IVF doctors told me there was nothing else they could do and I should give up or use donor eggs. Yet within seven weeks of that diagnosis I was pregnant, naturally and without any sort of fertility drug. Bearing in mind it takes three months for a healthy egg to grow, ripen and release. That puts my meeting with you right at the beginning of that wonderful cycle that has led to the healthiest, happiest pregnancy I’ve ever heard of. I’m now nearly seven months pregnant with our son and can’t wait until the birth (for which I’m intending to use hypno-birthing methods as they seem to so akin to my ‘new’ way of thinking). I feel so very, very lucky to have conceived and rather stubbornly remain convinced I’ll have another afterwards. Thank you for your help in making my brain shift gear, as tearful as some of it was, and for making me think of myself as a mother-to-be throughout the difficult times of IVF. I really am very grateful.

Susannah Dyer.

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