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Weight loss specialist: The Only Dairy Worth Having

Weight Loss Specialist recommends….

As a diet and weight loss specialist, I counsel clients all over the world on how to eat a healthy and satisfying diet for optimal health. I do this by suggesting they eat only unprocessed, naturally fat-burning foods made from quality ingredients that aren’t full of additives, sugar, and synthetic junk.

One of the most common things I advise people to avoid as a weight loss specialist, is dairy. In my work I often suggest alternatives like coconut milk, soya milk, or almond milk to avoid the high levels of hormones found in conventional dairy.  However, there is one single case where dairy can be a healthy and nutritious addition to one’s diet and it’s the ideal breakfast when accompanied by protein like nuts and seeds.

TOTAL Greek Yoghurt is high in protein, all-natural, untampered with, and a wonderful source of calcium which is ideal for bone health. It is really the only dairy I advise my clients to include in their diet because it is fermented, which means it is pre-digested and has healthy bacterias that are wonderful for the health of your gut. TOTAL Greek yoghurt is also the only proper Greek yoghurt and not full of sweeteners; all other types of yoghurt are nothing more than confectionary.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult as a weight loss specialist to find good, quality food when you’re out and about, so individual pots of yoghurt are a wonderful option to throw in your purse and bag before you run out the door. It is far more stylish and in good taste to be seen with a healthy and protein-filled pot of yogurt with fruit and nuts than it is to buy processed crisps, packaged bars, or sweets from the shop. Ultimately, looking after yourself on the outside is only half of having good taste and being stylish; you must look after yourself on the inside as well-starting with your diet.

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