Unmet Needs 2018 Webinar

July 2018

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Most of my clients have ongoing unmet needs that began in their childhood.

When you were a child, if your needs for love, safety, support, recognition, praise, connection, significance or nurture were not met, and you could not possibly meet them yourself, this leads to a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and a belief that goes something like this:

‘My needs are not met, I can’t meet them myself so they will never be met for the rest of my life’.

As an adult, you will then look for someone else to meet the unmet needs you have carried into your adult life. This cannot ever work because there isn’t a person who can meet all of our needs, nor can we ever meet all of someone else's needs and thnus we are left feeling very needy, rejected and abandoned.

When you understand that you can resolve these unmet needs yourself, your relationships, your health, your confidence levels and your entire life transforms.

Join me on my live webinar this (insert date and time here) where I will teach you exactly how to meet your unmet needs and reclaim the self-confidence you were born with.

I will also tell you about my exciting upcoming live training course in Los Angeles where you can learn how to do what I do and get the phenomenal results that I get more rapidly than with any other therapy.

If you want to have a career that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful, then changing other people’s lives using RTT will give you that and change your own life too.

See you on the webinar where you can ask me any questions at all about your chance to train in RTT live with me in LA.

***This is a replay of a live webinar, prices and promotions mentioned may not still be available