Practice Intensif London 2019

The RTT™ Practice Intensif
Rapid Transformational Therapy™

 Take Your RTT Career to the Next Level

Join us for a 4-day Practice Intensif with Marisa Peer and her Experienced RTT™ Trainers and develop your skills even further

Press play on the video and you'll understand why this is an event not to be missed!

6th - 8th June 2019

We can see how confident our students become once they have attended a live training event.  We witness the personal transformation of each and every student immersed in a supportive environment.

Their learning and ability to apply the RTT method accelerate having received supervised practice and feedback. We know how they value being mentored by experienced graduates.

Strictly limited & personal event


This event is limited to a small number of people to deliver maximum benefits from the training. Due to the nature of the event, tickets generally sell very fast, it is advised you book early.  

Here's everything you will experience On The RTT™ Practice Intensif

Day 1: individual consultation

Observed Supervised Practice Session. Assessment of your skills and technique in using RTT + personalised 4 day action plan

Day 2: Understand The Tools

Understanding The Tools - Regression and daisy chaining.

Day 3: Group work     

Understanding The Tools - RFPI, the role of transformation and script writing.

Day 4: Understand the tools RFPI. 

Live Demonstration Session with Marisa and Q&A + Observed practical examination and 360 feedback leading to an award as an Advanced RTT Practitioner.

Why YOU should attend the RTT Practice Intensif 

We understand that many of you are not in a position to come to one of Marisa’s live training events, but want to give you a flavour of that experience through our intensive face to face training. 

You will be part of a small group of like-minded practitioners all looking to hone their skill set and become amazing therapists. We are presenting you with an opportunity to really push your practice to the next level. You will receive hours of supervised practice and expert method guidance.

What YOU will learn 

In-depth learning and focus on applying key elements of RTT in a clinical setting. 

To unpack your learning and clarify understanding of things that you may have struggled with on the online course.  

To give you the confidence to think on your feet and the self-belief that you can lose the scripts and transform your client's lives.

To individualise how you can structure your sessions with your clients in a safe and supportive way.

To develop fluency and confidence in your technique.


What YOU will get

FOUR FULL DAYS of learning, practice, feedback and continuous assessment.

Observed practical exam with crucial feedback for your personal development.

Daily Timetable focused on YOUR NEEDS.

Small group tutoring by EXPERIENCED GRADUATES and an individual performance appraisal 

Q&A session with Marisa