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RTT Comes to Life: Natasha Bray

Therapist Stories: How Natasha made half a million dollars using RTT Hypnotherapy

Posted on January 31st 2020 by Hollie Pita-Carr

“I was turning over low 5 figures a year. With RTT, in 2019 I turned over half a million dollars in revenue…. I have no doubt I will achieve 7 figures through the impact I am having on the world thanks to RTT.”

In this inspiring interview, Natasha outlines how she accelerated her business using the advanced hypnotherapy technique of Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™).

Natasha Bray is a Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) Practitioner, specialising in helping women unlock their next level of business success combining RTT, coaching and mentoring. She lives in South Wales, UK, with her 3 year old son and works with women across the world using zoom.

How has Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) changed your life and why?

RTT has changed my life both personally and professionally. It has been the final piece of the puzzle for all the inner work I have done over the years. It finally revealed the truth of why I held myself back so much in life, relationships and business and unlocked incredible success for me, beyond what I ever dreamed possible.

Since training in RTT, I finally really believe I am enough, I can connect with others deeply and have grown my own business rapidly to over half a million dollars per year in revenue. I even had a six-figure sales month towards the end of 2019, through the deep inner transformation and including RTT in my own services. I have no doubt I will achieve 7 figures through the impact I am having on the world thanks to RTT.

This has also allowed me to contribute to the world in other ways too, through donating to charities close to my heart, and pro-bono work with young mothers severely affected by childhood abuse. I am recognized internationally for my work and have also won awards. The biggest thing for me though is finally being able to have a long term relationship and being a more patient and loving mother after healing my own wounds.

Please can you briefly summarise your life before RTT, what were your biggest challenges? How did this impact your life and what was it costing you?

I discovered RTT when I was coming out of the other side of postnatal depression, another failed relationship and becoming a single parent. I had left my social work career to focus on my health, my son and growing my business. I had deep childhood trauma from chronic abuse and bullying that I had numbed for years with food, overexercise and work. However, it had been retriggered by the traumatic birth of my son. I couldn’t hold down a relationship longer than 18 months. It was probably the lowest point in my life. I had achieved some success in my business, but I was stuck at a level that I could only afford to pay myself minimum wage. When his dad and I split when he was 10 months old, I had hand-me-down clothes for my son and had to watch every penny as I tried to build a business I could fit around my son.

How did you discover RTT and why did you decide to do it? How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

I had already started my journey to loving myself with some progress and saw Marisa on Youtube talking about how the root of all our issues is the belief we are not enough. I felt magnetically drawn to working with her. At the time I had a health business and I wanted to learn the skill for my clients, not quite realizing the profound effect it would have on me.

I borrowed the money off my grandfather for the course, as I didn’t have that kind of money readily available with my financial situation at the time. That was March 2018. I saw immediate shifts in myself and in my business. Despite having a background in psychology and behavior change techniques, RTT was just a whole other level of transformation I had never witnessed before. It accesses subconscious information that you could never piece together on a conscious level.

What was your experience of training in RTT?

I was enthralled with every aspect of the training. It was fascinating and I loved the online aspect, which was especially helpful for me being a single parent to a young baby at the time. There is a really supportive community to help answer any questions you may have and I never once felt alone on my journey.

What did you most want to achieve from RTT?

For me, it was always about my clients getting better results by incorporating RTT into my already established business. I was working with women with food and weight issues originally and I knew there was something more going on that needed a deeper approach.

After my business exploded, businesswomen started coming to me for RTT around business success and I pivoted my niche to helping women unlock more success in business. I learned that personal transformation was the key to business transformation. It really is true, your success starts with you.

How has your life changed now as a result of RTT? How does this relate to what you most wanted?

The biggest and most rewarding part of it all is the phenomenal results my clients now get. I am proud of getting incredible results with women who have extremely traumatic backgrounds, such as severe abuse and bullying, that have created blocks to their business success.

Knowing I have all the tools to get phenomenal results, for women who are suffering as a result of the same things I too have healed from with RTT, means the world to me. I feel like I am truly living my purpose.

I am able to travel the world for work, no longer worry about money and have been able to pay myself a six-figure wage this last year. It feels amazing to be changing lives whilst providing the best possible life and future for my son, who is now 3.

What has been your biggest impact with RTT? What are you most proud of? Is there a client story that brings this to life?

I think the best thing is the deep sense of purpose that comes from helping others through things I have experienced and overcome. The money would be meaningless if it wasn’t for the lives that are being impacted.

I have now helped thousands of women heal and achieve more success, and what I especially love is breaking the cycle. When you heal a mother, you heal her children too because you are stopping the cycle of pain, trauma, and beliefs being passed down from previous generations. I know my life could have been so different if my own parents had healed their trauma and that is what drives me every day.

I think one of my favorite recent transformations was a 28-day package I did with a lady who was incredible at what she did, but had so little worth she was working for free. She had severe childhood abuse - one of the worst examples I have worked with. She had had lots of therapy before, but still had huge blocks stopping her from earning an income. She was literally a different person after our work together and immediately increased her revenue from zero to thousands per month, as she finally felt she was worthy to charge for her services. She was like a completely different person, so full of joy and excitement, compared to the woman she was when we started.

Another of my favorites was a lady who healed from a lifetime of depression and suicidal thoughts. I cried when she told me that her 10 year old daughter would sleep in her bed because she was so worried about her mother. After our work she finally felt her mother was safe enough for her to go and sleep in her own bed. These are just two examples of many life-changing results that mean everything to me.

Anything else you would like to share?

I would recommend learning and experiencing RTT to everyone. It is an incredibly powerful tool that can be adapted in so many ways and with many different client groups.

Thank you Natasha for sharing your incredibly inspiring experiences with us. It is wonderful to see how rewarding your work is and the difference being made in the world as a result.

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If you have a story to share…

We love to hear your real-life stories of how RTT has impacted you or your clients’ lives. If you would like to share your experience with the wider community, so as many people can benefit as possible, please email [email protected].

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