Powerful 3-Minute Tool to Attract Overflowing Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity... To Dramatically Turn Around Your Financial Situation

As we slowly emerge from lockdowns and restrictions, the pandemic has left many people in financial uncertainty.

Leaving YOU in doubt about your future.

According to the OECD, the global economy is expected to make “a hesitant and uneven recovery” over the coming two years… so things are not going back to normal…

As per the Washington Post, millions of jobs are NOT returning -- PERMANENTLY.
With news stories like this, I don’t blame you at all if you feel any sense of money anxiety.

However, did you know that doesn’t have to be your reality?

There are ordinary people… just like you… who have turned around their fortunes in the face of uncertainty.

No trust fund. No special advantage. No remarkable skills.

Yet just like King Midas, everything they touch TURNS TO GOLD.

It’s all rooted in a shared secret.

A secret that you can get in on too.

It starts with this 3-minute tool that can unleash abundance in all aspects of your life…

My name is Kirstin West

I am the right-hand woman of Marisa Peer - the world’s no.1 hypnotherapist. She’s been featured in publications like: Tatler, Men’s Health, Brainz Magazine, the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, Bella and so many more.
Her clients include British royalty, celebrities and champion athletes.

On This Page, You’ll Discover:

The simple secret to manifest cash-on-command... Get ready for your hopes and dreams to come true one-by-one.
Why you’re DESTINED for financial freedom and overflowing abundance -- despite oppressive circumstances or your lack of capital.
The hidden movement that helps entire families get rid of the living nightmares triggered by a never-ending barrage of doom-and-gloom thoughts… Creating unshakable, undeniable happiness.
Recurring self-sabotage
And much, much more.

Now a few years removed from rock bottom...

I have MORE THAN ENOUGH money in the bank.

More than enough for the kids... Holidays in exotic locations... And a few substantial investments to ensure generational stability.

More than enough as not to endure nagging distress over debts anymore. No more countdown timers for next month’s expenses.

Don’t you wish you had more than enough too? Where you can breathe easy because BOTH needs and wants are taken care of? Where you can finally dwell in prosperity and abundance.

But it wasn’t always like that for me.

“Never Enough” was the theme song of my life.

I remembered when I was in my 20’s... My parents accidentally opened up my credit card bills -- or maybe they were just nosy.

Startled when they saw $19,400 in debt due to student loans and bad lifestyle choices.

Humiliating me as they attempted to stage an intervention.
The only way to get them off my back was the assurance I’d handle it and get back on track with my finances.

Alas a decade later, the debt had ballooned to $47,000...I couldn’t shake it off. Like a relentless stalker shadowing my every move.

And when I got married and started my own family, things took a turn for the worse...

I Wondered, “Am I Hexed by Some Poverty Curse?!”

As my life seems jinxed by a voodoo witch with a vendetta.

Dreaded bills PILING up like a mountain range in my mailbox.

That’s right, I was so mortified I couldn’t even bear to collect the mail until I was forced to... Since there was simply no more room.

Then ripping them open one by one in utter trepidation... Racking my brain to decide which to pay first...

What can the family live without -- power OR water?

Frantically calling the greedy utilities to stave off payments for a week or so... Till hubby’s meagre cheque came through in the nick of time...

Only for the hard-earned cash to leak out just as fast as it came in -- like a burst pipe. Brief respite quickly turns to concern once again.

Racing thoughts of lack causing me to lose sleep. Nightmares of impending doom and gloom hovering over me like a persistent dark cloud.

Can You Identify With This Desperate Cycle?

Begging for a salary advance from your uncaring company, barely averting crisis after crisis... Relentlessly combing through the newspaper to cut out any coupon you can find just to save a few red cents... Having trouble breathing from the stress of it all.

Assaulted with worry as you see grocery prices escalating... Plagued by the hopeless outlook of the economy on the TV screens.

Turning green with envy as you see friends -- who are definitely NOT any more special or talented than you are -- sharing endless dream vacation photos on Facebook.

Or maybe even worse... Seeing others suffer in the exact same appalling condition.

So while misery loves company, it doesn't serve you... Because you can do FAR MORE - for yourself and others - as the lonely rich than the communal poor.

Yet, here’s some good news...

With the stunning secret I’m about to share with you...

You can have both WEALTH and RELATIONSHIPS.

Don’t you want quick and ABSOLUTE relief? Banks harassing you becoming a thing of the past?

Breaking the feast/famine cycle.

Enjoying random cheques in the mail.

INCOMING payment notifications in your online account.

Going ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching...
Like the Universe ringing YOUR cash register.

Where you and your family can be taken care of -- for years to come. Money issues no longer straining your marriage or relationships.

And here’s why...

Science has proven you’re BORN rich!

That’s right.
You’re meant to enjoy the freedom of travelling to exotic locations -- whenever and wherever you want.
You’re meant to be carefree and buy anything your heart’s desire -- without being forced to balance your books.
The hidden movement that helps entire families get rid of the living nightmares triggered by a never-ending barrage of doom-and-gloom thoughts… Creating unshakable, undeniable happiness.

Because here’s the ACTUAL positive reality -- DESPITE how you feel.

According to a revolutionary 2020 study published in the Journal for the Education of the Gifted, Dr. David Yun Dai states...
“Current thinking broadens our view of human potential, not as a fixed capacity, but as malleable and incremental, depending on multiple factors, exogenous as well as endogenous, facilitative or inhibitive.”
This may sound like mumbo-jumbo, but this is what it simply means...

The potential you’re born with can be enhanced, stretched and elevated to new levels -- DESPITE your circumstances and your perceived disadvantages. Especially your creative ability to make wealth.

All you need to do is FLIP this magic switch I’m about to reveal.

Wait, because it gets better.

As further proof.... Did you know according to 2019’s World Ultra Wealth Report (7th Edition), 67.7% of new wealth is self-made?

You know what that means right?

In order to fill your purse, FULL TO OVERFLOWING...

You don’t need special connections.
You don’t need significant capital.
You don’t need to be born into wealth.
You only need the catalyst I’m about to show you. As you’re about to find out, it all starts in your head.

Because here’s the thing... Everything you need for abundance is ALREADY within you.

Even Nature Highlights A Magnificent Form Emerging from Humble Beginnings.

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly
Like a tadpole to a frog
And even from a frog to a prince.
The seeds for greatness are EMBEDDED within you.

A frontier of blessing...
Where opportunities fling open for you.
Where the grind becomes grace.
Where opportunities fling open for you.
A lifetime where you can look at the bad news in the media and wag your finger, proclaiming:

“I’m not afraid of you.”

And all that’s needed is a flick of a switch... Activating your potential to achieve financial freedom.

So how did it go so wrong?

Why is it then you work so hard yet see so little result? Your income slipping like sand through your fingertips?

Juggling all your obligations like a frantic circus clown. Where with one tiny mistake, everything could tumble down to the hard unforgiving ground.

Enduring a roller-coaster of emotions with every payment cycle...

And it’s not like you’re slacking, right? You really ARE trying everything.
Be it...
Binaural Beats.
The latest network marketing offer.
I mean, it’s one thing if you’re lounging on the couch and binge-watching Netflix all day... However, you are actually out there hustling.

Therefore, you may be asking...

Why am I stuck in this rut?
Why doesn't the Universe reward my noblest of intentions? After all, doesn’t the Universe know I want the best for me and my family?

Now... Let me assure you IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. You’ve done nothing wrong.

And it has nothing to do with the Universe.

In fact, Here’s the no.1 reason you’re in this state...

It’s Called The “Broke” Barrier

Science calls it neuro-rigidity. Defined as the state where the brain is unable to break free from existing thinking patterns -- like a bird stuck in a bramble bush.

Let me put it another way...

Imagine a huge dam. Like the famous Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, on the “wrong” side of the dam...

You’re trapped in a barren desert. Where resources are scarce.
Trembling every time you open up countless envelopes of overdue notices.

Peace-of-mind disrupted by hourly phone calls from callous creditors. Their polite-yet-stern tones becoming less-and-less friendly with every postponement.

An overwhelming sense of shame that you can’t provide for your family... To give them -- and you -- the life you deserve.

Yet, all you need is ON the other side.

Where there's a lush landscape of running waters and thriving animals.

The beautiful trademark African sunset. Thriving vegetation. An ecosystem in harmony.

Imagine enjoying such a dream life where everything is in balance.

And in a moment, you will know the stunning secret to access that lavishness on the “right” side.

Not in a few years... Not even in mere months... Not even days.


First off, it’s important to know why the Broke Barrier exists. How does this neuro-rigidity work?

Because that awareness will lead to your breakthrough.

Think of the dam being made of mental blocks instead of building blocks. A mental dam composed of...
You see, you were born with unlimited potential.

You didn’t come to this planet believing you couldn’t have money. In fact, quite the opposite.

You believed you could HAVE IT ALL.

But somewhere along the way, you adopted the beliefs of those around you - parents and caregivers - as a means of survival.

So if your parents teach “money is the root of all evil.” Guess what? You’re going to reflect those negative thoughts!

In fact, science has proven your money beliefs and habits are set by the age of seven.

Therefore, you need to shake it off… Because this leads to...
In other words, it’s a belief that proclaims…

“Money and wealth isn’t available to me.”

Marisa see this time and time again with her clients — where they believe abundance is reserved for a “special” group of people... Who attain their riches through unscrupulous means.

That simply isn’t true!

You see, money isn’t biased. It doesn’t play favorites like an unfair parent.

It’s simply a magnet. Attracted to those with this special (yet utterly learnable) criteria I’m going to reveal.

Which brings me to the next block:

You just don’t believe you are worthy of wealth.

You mistakenly think you don’t deserve it.

That’s why so often, even when people do get money, they quickly lose it.

Did you know 70% of lottery winners are completely broke within three years because they believe they didn’t earn the money?

It’s hard to believe you could gain so much wealth overnight -- and lose it just as quickly, isn’t it.

Yet it happens all the time!

I can say with certainty that the 30% who actually hold onto their money don’t share that same limiting belief.

Here’s why. Many of us feel guilty for even wanting more money, and that’s what stops us from having it.

Here’s the good news.

You can REACTIVATE this sense of self-worth to believe you are deserving of wealth, to attract it, and do great things with it.

Although circumstances may look bleak, change is around the corner.

Now, you can break past the Broke Barrier.

Because All You Need is The Midas Switch

With just a flick...

The floodgates of wealth opens -- unleashing the dam in all its ROARING potential.

Money energy abounds.

Abundance pours down like a raging waterfall.

Your turbulent history WASHED AWAY by a stunningly bright future.
In just AN instant...

You’re suddenly on a ride down the smoothest, most enjoyable journey to Destination Prosperity.

So what IS the Midas Switch?

At its most basic, it’s a 3 minute trick.

The right words. In the right sequence. With the right force.... Unleash your hidden money-making potential to the world.

You become King Midas -- where everything you touch turns to gold.
Touch your job... and trigger promotions and respect from your colleagues.
Touch your bank account... and multiple streams of income appear out of nowhere.
Touch your relationships... and rewarding intimacy awaits.

It’s Like Saying “Open Sesame”!
And Aladdin’s Treasure Cave CRACKS Open.

You Enter...

Dazzled by the gold, silver and jewels of the Universe.

Manifesting blessing after blessing -- even BEYOND your wildest imagination.

Feeling the Universe SMILING over you.

The right words. In the right sequence. With the right force....

A “Multiplication Mantra”, if you will.

Let’s Talk About Its Astonishing Architect, Marisa Peer.

Because this insane story is going to further surprise you and fill you with hope.

Now, rewinding to that fateful day where I suffered financial catastrophe.

I was shuffling around the grimy Shoreditch streets.

REALLY not looking forward to returning to my family... Picturing their collective crest-fallen faces of naked despair... I started walking aimlessly down the graffiti-ridden streets.
Bypassing both shops and humanity... Reduced to a blur as I continued ambling... A numbness setting over me.

However, when I was near Hoxton...

I felt a prompt... A nudge by the Universe, if you will...

As Intuition led me into that fateful conference hall.

Behold, that’s when I saw Marisa Peer speaking for the very first time.

Thankfully, the event was free so I sat myself on the back row.

She was sharp. Profound yet simple.

Her teachings caused shifts in my stinkin’ thinkin’.

Yet... It was her exercises that were mesmerizing.
Saying the right words. In the right sequence. With the right force.

I could feel multiple destinies unlocking in the room.

Even fresh off the indignity of being sacked, I felt an irrational yet unstoppable confidence...

Like I could take on the world. Where impossible is nothing.

She revealed the name of the process... It was called Rapid Transformational Therapy.

And it was aptly named because she transformed lives in days instead of months or even years. Speedily and permanently.

Indeed, thanks to her amazing results...

So what IS the Midas Switch?

“Marisa is an extraordinary individual. She is one of the most powerful transformers of human belief I have ever come across. I immediately saw how these childhood models of reality were holding me back. When those beliefs were removed, massive changes occurred in my life. In just four months, I doubled my income."
Vishen Lakhiani - Co-Founder and CEO of Mindvalley
“Marisa is a fantastic therapist. I always acknowledge Marisa as being a massive influence on my life. After just one session with her, I lost over 35lbs and kept it off over the space of four years. Marisa has been helping me to be much better at helping other people too."
Anna Richardson - Presenter, TV Producer, Writer, and Journalist
“Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill. Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill at getting people to change. Ever since she worked with me, my life, and my footballing skills, have changed dramatically, and for the better."
Jason Roberts - Premier League Football Player
“Marisa Peer is an absolute marvel; she not only changed my life — she actually saved it. Within two weeks of having just one session with her, I stopped smoking and drinking for good and developed a completely different attitude to food. That was 21 years ago. I have never had a cigarette or drink since and I don't want or like unhealthy food anymore despite the fact that I used to devour too much of it."
Molly Parkin - Writer and Artist
However, what captured my attention was the outcomes she achieved for everyday folks as well... Like this remarkable story from Sasha Holyoake.

From Humble Cleaner to High-Ticket Therapist

“The journey of a house cleaner to people cleaner [cleaner to cleaning minds] began in 2017 and it’s been the most phenomenal experience of self-healing and healing others.

When I used to listen to the training material whilst on my cleaning jobs I never imagined I’d have such a fulfilling role helping others overcome fear, anxiety, grief, and trauma.

I learned so much from my RTT® journey and it continues to be the gift of my life that I get to pass on and on.

From working with teenagers and giving them the tools to have more confidence and less anxiety to developing coaching programs that recover trauma and grief, the work is beyond fulfilling.

COVID lockdown provided so many healing opportunities and the loss of my own Dad spurred me to create a healing program centered on recovering from loss.

Marisa’s love, wisdom, and teachings gave me the cornerstone to pivot from house cleaner and I have never looked back.

Anyone that is considering learning how to become an RTT® practitioner I would highly recommend the journey.

I’ve gone from house cleaning to having experienced a month in Florida, coaching alongside some amazing mentors, walking the Camino, healing teenagers from suicidal destruction, speaking on stages, holding workshops, and creating programs. It’s a well worth journey which I continue to love.”

Life before RTT was, well mundane! I always felt like there was something missing, I knew I had passion but hadn’t connected that with my purpose.

I used money saved from extra cleaning jobs to pay for my training, I felt so compelled to achieve this and it gave me the determination to achieve RTT Practitioner.

I think the biggest fear I had was seeing myself actually in the role of helping people, in the beginning, I couldn’t see a version of myself other that what I knew, but I also knew I had to feel the fear and do it anyway, I couldn’t let fear stop me from achieving this dream, I knew I’d live with regret if I didn’t at least try!

December 2018 I did my last cleaning job, and my god did that feel good, I was finally in a position to say goodbye to house cleaning and concentrate on people cleaning, there was no great fan fair just the most complete feeling inside of stepping in line with purpose.

There isn’t a single thing I’d class as my biggest success, daily I make an impact in my corner of the world, changing lives, inspiring change, healing trauma, preventing a suicide, these are daily successes that I am proud to be a part of.”

So What’s RTT?

Again, it stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy.

True to its name, it uses a series of proprietary techniques to create quick, easy and PERMANENT breakthroughs -- by leveraging hypnosis to instantly access the subconscious mind.

As a result, it can directly address and correct any hidden obstacles hindering your success -- like a homing missile aimed at its target. In this instance, shattering the Broke Barrier I was talking about.

Creating dramatic shifts in your life.

Here’s why RTT is so special.

All transformational therapy boils down to programming. Indeed, they act like a “computer language”, albeit for the mind.

You create a thought “program” and it influences the brain a certain way. Like running an application on a computer.

However, we know that some programs are buggy, broken and not very effective. Such as one of those free online web apps.

On the other hand, there’s professional software created by the likes of Adobe or Apple. Beautiful, easy-to-use, and quickly getting the job done.

Marisa’s RTT is simply superior programming.

Its very premise is that you’re worthy of the quickest, easiest way to get your breakthrough.

After all, LIFE IS SHORT. Who would rather endure endless hours of “talk” rather than spending extra time in bliss instead?

Instead of spending years bashing your head against a wall... How about become victorious in everything you do -- quickly and easily?

Where money worries no longer bother you... Simply because you have so much cash in the bank.
In other words...

When you think the right words. In the right sequence. With the right force...

You can potentially experience miraculous outcomes.

Applying the RTT Framework to achieve specific goals in life.
Want to lose weight? Use RTT.
Want to have a more blissful marriage? Use RTT.
Yes, Want to have more disposable income? Use RTT.

And That’s Why Marisa has a 500,000-strong global community when other therapists can only muster a handful!

Yet, with all these remarkable results. It was this crazy story that sealed the deal for me.

Here’s an account by Vishen, founder of MindValley.

In 2017, our team showed up for a shoot in San Diego with Marisa.

But then Marisa’s hubby John approached me. He had tears in his eyes and I felt a sense of dread. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

John explained that we would have to immediately cancel the shooting of the Masterclass. Just a few days before, Marisa had been diagnosed with cancer.

We immediately canceled the shoot. My only focus was supporting Marisa during her battle with this life-threatening illness.

But when I went to Marisa a few hours later to see how she was doing, she simply said to me,

“Oh don’t worry darling, it’ll be gone in a month.”

Marisa shared with me that when she was diagnosed, she said to herself…
“This will be a blip.”

She declared that she was going to bounce back like a big rubber ball.

And she did.

Marisa programmed her mind to tell her body that it was healthy.

She created a cancer protocol to choose happiness all the time and directed her body to not just feel better, but to heal itself.

30 days later the cancer had begun to disappear. And the Marisa that we know and loved was back.

But the most amazing part of Marisa’s story isn’t how she bounced back once…

It’s how she bounced back from cancer twice.

Marisa was first diagnosed with womb cancer in August 2015.

And less than a month later, she was healed and speaking at A-Fest Costa Rica.

The second time she was diagnosed with cancer, Marisa’s doctor told her that she’d probably always had cancer, maybe for 10 years or more. He believes that she’d been able to not let it affect her because her mind was so powerful.
And it’s the power she has to reprogram her mind that allowed her to bounce back not once, but TWICE.

Marisa told me she’s actually grateful that she got cancer and she never once felt bad for herself because she can help other people beat it too.

It’s Marisa’s technique to reprogram her mind that allowed her to create the abundant health her body needed to recover.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If she can PROGRAM her mind to transform her body... Your finances can be PROGRAMMED back to life!

Needless to say, after the event...

I rushed to the stage and BEGGED her to mentor me.

She glanced at me with bemusement on her face. Perhaps, she saw determination in my eyes. Or the desperation in my voice.

She accepted me into her RTT program.

While it wasn’t an easy journey, she was patient with me.

With all the past trauma and pain, I had so much to work through.

Yet it was all worth it, because...

Miracles started happening for me, too..

Confidence welled up within me. I ascended as a top performer at work.

I could finally buy my own home -- nearly all in cash. Considering I could barely qualify for a credit card before that... It was a remarkable turnaround.

My marriage grew stronger. No longer do we quarrel over money. Heck, even my teenage kids started to respect me. That’s TRULY a miracle.
I could even help out friends and family in need. Because we had the capacity to do so.

Hey, It's proof that if I could do it, you can too.

Thanks to the Wealth Creation Power of the Midas Switch

So how does it work? And how does it connect to RTT?

Picture this, RTT looks like this switchboard.

When everything is turned off, the home is dark. When you flip each switch, different parts of the house get powered up.

In the same manner, RTT has different switches to “power up” various aspects of your life -- be it in health... Relationships... Confidence... Even pregnancy.
Therefore, the Midas Switch is RTT channeled into unlocking prosperity -- rapidly and easily.

The right words. In the right sequence. With the right force....

Opening up the ocean of abundance to be found on the other side of the Broke Barrier.

Flooding the desert place and giving it lush, green life again.

Where you’re simply a money magnet.

Finally attracting the outcomes, destiny and realised dreams you have always desired.

We live in An Age of Distraction.

Government regulations.

Attacks on willpower from the media.

Family and friends clamouring for your attention.

You can’t seem to stick to anything long enough to create lasting transformation.

The world doesn’t simply allow it. After all, focused people have no incentive to buy stuff.

And that’s why wealth isn’t flowing to you on a permanent basis.

It’s like every time you accept an update and the computer switches off, where you need to start rebooting it every single time.

Therefore, you’re not incubated in the cocoon of transformation. You’re like a caterpillar that becomes a half-finished butterfly thanks to the external forces outside your control.

Alas, The Midas Switch SNAPS Back Shut.

And the Broke Barrier starts rebuilding once again.

However, don’t despair.

That feeling you get after the 3-minute Midas Switch ...

Can become a state-of-being FOR A LIFETIME!

Because what I’m about to say will FILL you with hope...

And at that point, nothing CAN stop you.

Provided you make the right choice. Because by saying “yes”...

Your past will be redeemed and your future will be glorious.

Let me first tell you -- you’re not alone in the struggle to “de-fragment” your mind.

Because when Marisa and I trained a pioneer group of students in the Midas Switch many years ago... They faced the same problem.

Very few of them succeeded.

Despite learning the best strategies.

We tried our level best, hand-holding them through their experience...

Yet only a fraction actually broke through. And get this...They were not lazy.

They were actually trying and trying...

Just like you. Alone in your room, perhaps. Attempting to be mindful...

And yet your head is INUNDATED by a whole bunch of silly thoughts.

Preventing your breakthrough!

Don’t you wish you could put a stop to that?

The scattered willpower... persistent anxiety... The sheer level of noise.

In order to enjoy the marvelous money-making power of the Midas Switch once and for all.

Marisa and I were getting a tad frustrated, to be honest. Yet because we believed that people’s wholeness is truly a gift to the world, we kept striving.

The Principle of Deliberate Myopia

Think of the cone you put on your pets... It keeps them from scratching themselves.

However in this instance, the “cone” will help you focus on the process while keeping away all the diversions.

So the more focused you are on the reward, the more you attract the benefits of said reward.

Work becomes joy.

Everything becomes a game.
Step by step. Play by play.

And that’s when we had our Eureka moment.

What happens when we marry the simple focus with the intention of manifestation?

We tried it out with our new batch of students... And guess what?

Nearly everyone Flipped Their Midas Switch On!

You see, distraction happens when there’s too much information.

In order to overcome the noise...

You need to remove the complexity.

Imagine, all you need to take is ONE action… ONE step… Leading to ONE extraordinary outcome.

Where the very act of putting on headphones and watching a simple video is ALL IT TAKES to generate that beautiful Money Energy.

Creating a snowball effect.

I Call It “1-Click-Focus”.

Cascading Marisa’s decades of RTT secrets and channeling them into the easiest, most efficient way to take the rapid actions that attract abundance.

You’re about to get a step-by-step system, structured around the most decisive activities to generate as much income as you need.

And guess what?

For the first time ever -- From the annals of London...

We’re now ready to roll out an astonishing solution to the world!

After all... Especially with the current situation. Live events are challenging.

Plus... In a world where people left, right and center are affected by all kinds of shutdowns. This message is even more crucial than ever before.

In the midst of hundreds of success stories, here’s my favorite one from Janine.

I wanted to share my experience with you because it has blown my mind. I started the abundance challenge a week before I started a new job as Head of Digital Marketing. To be honest I had to take the role because I needed the money and because I was coming from a position of insecurity they managed to negotiate my salary down which I wasn't happy about.

I've followed the programme and completed all the meditations.

In my visualisation board, I wanted freedom financially and personally. I wanted to manifest a thatched cottage that I could call my forever home (I've moved 14 times in the last 20 years).

Fast forward 4 weeks, I have had an offer accepted on the exact house I used in my visualisation board. My current boss is talking to the board about my role expanding and therefore my wage increasing, I have just set up a new healthcare business with my two colleagues and we all plan to be working full time in that by early in the new year.

To say I'm astounded is an understatement, but more than that, I'm incredibly grateful and humbled. I've felt for years that I was standing in the hallway of my own life, and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for showing me the keys to the door.

Could You Be the Next Success Story?

Thanks to this potent marriage of technology and ancient wisdom, nearly everyone who TOOK ACTION on this process ended up in a far better place.

You start developing Neural Pathways you’d never had before... Each one potentially tapping into a new stream of income. Your brain suddenly breaks itself loose of the shackles of limitation.

And suddenly...

You feel hope again... Your body OVERFLOWING with the essence of love... Attracting all the blessings into every aspect of your being.

When you can’t help becoming a money magnet...

The more you read this, the more convinced you are that turning on the Midas Switch is THE solution to all your wealth woes.

Without further ado... I’ll present to you.

The MIDAS TOUCH Challenge

Join the midas touch challenge Now

21 Days of Creating An Immersive Environment for the Emergence of Money Miracles

Just like the titular King Midas, you’re getting the ability to flourish in anything you touch... Whatever your heart desires...
Focus on a dream job? You’ll receive it.
Focus on money in the bank? You’ll receive it.
Touch your relationships... and rewarding intimacy awaits.
So this is how the program works...

We will cocoon you into a creative realisation of the future.

You will do the Midas Switch exercises.
You will immerse your mind in principles of abundance and prosperity.

And then eventually...

You’ll Become an irresistible magnet for every single blessing in life.

Cheques in the mail.

Shopping without worry.

Swimming in an ocean of abundance.

Now, you might be thinking… that sounds amazing, but can that really happen for me?

The answer is resounding “YES!”

I Invite You to Join Those Incredible Success Stories

Because you TRULY deserve this.

If you’re ready to join us today, click on the orange button and I’ll see you on the other side.
Now here’s a sneak peek of the powerful material.

You first learn the Law of Control.

Do you feel you’re living in chaos? Like you can’t seem to get a handle on the situation?

The Law of Control contains a powerful 4-step exercise to transform disordered thoughts into calm, peaceful ones, so you can finally take hold of your mind and steer it in the right direction.

Almost immediately, you’ll start putting everything into perspective… And you’ll begin to code in strategies for improving your life into your consciousness.

And that’s just Day 1.

Throughout week 1, you discover:
How the mind believes what you tell it… and how to create a brand new reality of love, joy and freedom.
Simple 1- sentence statements you can repeat to transform crippling negative thoughts into positive, empowering ones.
How your words create your reality… and how to change the words that profoundly change your circumstances. You’ll discover a list of the most powerful phrases to help you do this.
3 easy ways to identify and understand your money blocks.
Did you know Money is Energy? How to emit crystal-clear energy to effortlessly attract the best things in life.
And much, much more!
Building on on this rock-solid base, it gets even better:

Because in Week 2, you discover...
Getting rid of destructive roots to escape from your money problems once and for all.
The essential foundations for creating better belief patterns.
How to gain access to your inner genius so you can flourish in your career.
A simple meditation to get rid of money blocks.
And much, much more!

You’ll be dazzled by the results.

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PART #1: Three Hypnotic Audios to Put You in a Perpetual State of Success

Here’s something that surprises people: I can get into Theta state instantly and go to sleep -- without any headphones or relaxing music. I assure you, it’s possible.

The reason I can do it so effectively is because I practiced it regularly. I mastered it out of repetition. These are the 3 exact audios I used to help me gain mastery over my frequencies. I’m sharing them with you so you can further reprogram your mind for abundance.

PART #2: 4 Meditations to Further Boost Your Abundance Mindset

Your mind learns by repetition. By listening to these four powerful meditations, you reinforce your abundance mindset and accelerate your transformation.

PART #3: 2 “Root Cause” Sessions to Uncover the Hidden Self-Sabotaging Beliefs Holding You Back

Your mind learns by repetition. By listening to these four powerful meditations, you reinforce your abundance mindset and accelerate your transformation.
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Option 1: You put your head in the sand

You can hold onto hope that one day you will manifest the wealth you desire by putting good thoughts out into the universe… and you never know, maybe you will strike lucky and win the lottery… but 70% of lottery winners quickly lose their new-found wealth. I’d hate for that to happen to you too.

Option 2: You can try to figure this all out on your own

There’s so much information about manifestation and wealth creation out there—try Googling it. It’s pretty overwhelming.

You MAY succeed after years of trial and error. But in perilous times like this, you can’t afford too many mistakes. Are you willing to put your family’s livelihoods at risk?

And remember what we said about taking action and holding yourself accountable… That’s so much easier to do when you’ve got someone guiding you and a community of like-minded people cheering you on.

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To top it off... These secrets are expressed as actionable, PRACTICAL steps every single day for you to unleash your money-making potential.

Here’s the thing…

Most manifestation models and courses, like The Secret, only focus on your thoughts, the idea of what you believe, you receive.

And that’s great for creating a more positive mindset, but it’s not what’s going to make it happen for you.

The missing manifestation link?
Your actions!

The truth is, unless you take action, you won’t see the results.

Even if you visualize abundance all day but never do anything about it, you’ll remain exactly where you are right now.

Yet so many of us struggle when it comes to knowing the right action to take at the right time.

That’s where the Midas Touch Challenge comes in.

Thanks to Single Click Focus, you’ll get a few key action steps to take your income to the next level.

They include...
“I can’t find the money.” Well, it’s already inside you. Here’s how to dig out the gold in your own backyard
You get in life what you negotiate. Proven principles to get your desired outcome each and every time.
How to get rid of the fear of standing up for yourself.
The precise blueprint on how to be a money magnet in the real world.
PLUS: The most extraordinarily fulfilling opportunity out there on the planet, which empowers you to change lives at the same time.
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Learn from those who’ve walked this path before you. You may experience some challenges on your journey that you didn’t anticipate, and these calls can provide greater insight, understanding, and support to give you the capability to see opportunities for abundance and success everywhere.

BONUS #2: The Secrets of Success and Successful People, worth $79

With this incredible bonus course, you’ll discover even more of the secrets of super successful people and how you can effortlessly adopt their habits of success in your own life.

BONUS #3: Stick To Your Goals, worth $49

Learn from those who’ve walked this path before you. You may experience some challenges on your journey that you didn’t anticipate, and these calls can provide greater insight, understanding, and support to give you the capability to see opportunities for abundance and success everywhere.

BONUS #4: Stop Procrastination, worth $49

Let’s keep one of the most common blocks to abundance—procrastination—firmly at bay to give you the drive to succeed and continue taking action in the direction of your goals every single day.

BONUS #5: Installing The Cheerleader, worth $120

Know with unshakable certainty that you are worthy and deserving of success, wealth, and abundance with this POWERFUL sync to help you silence your inner critic and reinstate the inner cheerleader you were born with for extraordinary self-worth and self-belief.

BONUS #6: Secrets of the Mind, worth £79

Master your mind to master your life with this bonus course. Whatever you want to achieve next in your transformation—be it a loving relationship, a healthy relationship with food, or overcoming your fears—this course will teach you the essential tools you need to make your mind work for you to ensure you continuously move closer to your goals and expand your potential.

And BONUS #7: A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)

This path can be a lonely one. While good things happen as soon as you begin to cultivate your abundance mindset... It still needs some hard work in order to transform that positive energy into money in the bank. This Facebook community helps you stay accountable and committed, and propel you forward to your greatest level of success.

What you get in the Challenge

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21 days of video trainings from Marisa Peer ($297 value)
Four meditation tracks (invaluable)
Two root cause meditations ($98 value)
Three hypnotic audios ($98 value)
Four pre-recorded Q&A calls with Marisa ($697 value)
BONUS #1: Three recorded Q&A calls and 1 group success call with me worth $69
BONUS #2: The Secrets of Success and Successful People, worth $79
BONUS #3: Stick To Your Goals, worth $49
BONUS #4: Stop Procrastination, worth $49
BONUS #5: Installing The Cheerleader, worth $120
BONUS #6: Secrets of the Mind, worth £79
And BONUS #7: A thriving community ready to help each other along this path (Invaluable)
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