Marisa Peer Mastermind

Marisa Peer's Elite Personal Breakthrough Mastermind

Imagine a life where you have all the successfreedomand empowerment you want with no limitations.

Your life would be free of money blocks, it would be free of relationship blocks, emotional blocks and career blocks.

In fact all of your blocks would be hit out of the park and you will have achieved your personal breakthrough and be on your way to fulfilling your ultimate potential.

Starting late 2019 I will be hosting a personal mastermind at my home in Los Angeles where over a series of long weekends throughout the year you will be working directly with me and a small group of select others to reach your breakthrough.

I don’t see clients any more, but this is your chance to spend some one on one time with me, have some personal therapy sessions and for us to work together to guarantee that you leave my mastermind with the tools and mindset you need to live your life and fulfil your potential.

The mastermind will be held in my brand new home in Los Angeles which has been built with you in mind. We have a beautiful deck and terrace where we will be running Yoga sessions, having BBQ’s and evening fireside sessions. I can’t wait to share my home with you and to help you overcome any blocks you have.

Fill in the form below to register your interest in joining my exclusive Mastermind. Places will be strictly limited and each applicant will be required to go through an application form and interview before securing their place. I can’t wait to see you later this year.

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