Superfood Breakfast – Introducing Kapai Puku

Superfood breakfast – Read this new post from Australian cycling and health enthusiast, Tim Marsh.

The Ultimate Breakfast for Cyclists – save money with my home-made version of Kapai Puku

I would recommend this superfood breakfast product as it is in line with current medical research showing that modern breakfast cereals are  no more than biscuits and confectionery pretending to be healthy – when the truth is they are no such thing!

Humans are not meant to eat grains. They are neither healthy nor good for us. However, we have now been eating them for so long that we have become accustomed to eating a sweet cold and instant breakfast, and resistant to eating real food like eggs, fish or vegetables that are ideal breakfast food (but which do take time to prepare).

This is where Kapai-puku comes in. Finally, a breakfast cereal that is healthy, mostly based on protein, quick to prepare , totally portable and instant.

I would recommend  this product as it ticks all the boxes and is easy to adapt. Different ingredients can be added, and it can be eaten hot or cold.

I would take it with warm soya , rice or almond milk, add cinnamon and nutmeg in the winter, or stir it into soya yoghurt in the summer.

It’s also great to add it to stewed fruit or eat it with berries or olives as a snack.

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