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About IAE: This book is designed to help you massively increase your own sense of self worth. Whilst becoming permanently free of self sabotage. When this happens you are able to live a happy motivated and confident life, not just sometimes but all the time.

Marisa Peer has worked with Rockstars, CEOs & even Royalty.

When you know you are enough everyone around you will know you are enough too. Your life will be so much different and so much better when you can resonate your enoughness at a level that positively impacts your career, your relationships and your happiness levels.

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About Marisa Peer 

Marisa Peer has been a leading therapist for 30 years and has developed a therapy call Rapid Transformational Therapy that has won numerous awards because of its effectiveness. Many of her most effective techniques and methods are contained in this within this book.The powerful wording and cutting edge techniques, enable you to achieve powerful and recognisable results rapidly and permanently.