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Hypnotherapy Courses – Could You Be The Next Big Hypnotherapist On The Block?

Hypnotherapy Courses With Marisa


About this course, as hypnotherapy is not a difficult skill, but rather one that requires a great deal of practice. Here, Marisa uses this approach to focus on developing your practical hypnotherapy skills to turn you into a truly remarkable therapist. You will be able to confidently treat a range of patients with a broad range of problems. Furthermore, you will be coached personally by Marisa and her team on how to build your own practice and you will also learn the necessary skills to market yourself effectively in the corporate world.  


Marisa has made a phenomenal career out of her hypnotherapy skills and you can too by taking advantage of this amazing hypnotherapy training. Take a look at our blogs and testimonials for more information on what some of Marisa’s students have achieved since graduating the course.


To start your new career or for more information on the hypnotherapy class and course dates, visit our website www.marisapeer.com where you can book a personal call with Marisa, who will be delighted to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, you can read the previous blog on hypnotherapy course here.


There are multiple benefits and great aftercare included in the hypnotherapy course with Marisa Peer, both live and online. Included; monthly masterclasses with Marisa (including a live q&a), monthly masterclasses with our marketer (including a live q&a), your own facebook support group, email support from Marisa and her team, your listing on ‘find a therapist’ on Marisa’s website. If you are in the market for learning a new trade or building your own business, then look no further than Marisa Peer’s Hypnotherapy Courses. Our brand new Rapid Transformational Therapy courses are taught entirely by Marisa across 300 hours of face-to-face and online hypnotherapy training.


This unique and interactive course comprises a range of core modules, live therapy demonstrations and online teaching resources that can be completed at your leisure. Marisa’s hypnotherapy courses can be incorporated around your busy routine and be completed at whatever pace suits you best. The first week of hypnotherapy training takes place in London with Marisa and a class of fellow students. Here you will kick-start your training with an intensive 9 days of introduction to the art of practical hypnotherapy, whilst also gaining an understanding of the underlying psychological issues that you will see in your own clients.


From practical hypnosis, to regression and treatment, Marisa’s hypnotherapy courses teach you the hypnotherapy treatments for a breadth of issues. This includes eating disorders, phobias, addictions  and working with athletes, children and adolescents.