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Hypnotherapy Course: Unlock the Potential of a Career in Therapy

Are you searching for a hypnotherapy course to kick-start a new career? Are you interested in building your own business or learning a fantastic new skill? Marisa Peer, world-renowned counsellor, hypnotherapist and motivational speaker, is on the lookout for aspiring hypnotherapists following the launch of her new Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy course.

A Hypnotherapy Course with a Twist

This 300-hour course, made up of both face-to-face and online teaching, will teach you everything you need to know about becoming an outstanding RTT therapist through a unique array of teaching methods. You will commence your journey with 9 full days of face-to-face training, taught in London by Marisa, and you will leave this first week having already hypnotised at least three people. Following this, modules are taught online using videos and live therapy demonstrations. One of the many benefits of Marisa’s hypnotherapy course is that it works to suit your schedule and timeframe and can be completed at your own pace.

This primarily practical hypnotherapy course is shaped around Marisa’s belief that becoming a truly remarkable hypnotherapist takes practice, not months of learning theory. This course is therefore tailored to teach you the art of hypnosis, followed up with an understanding of the underlying psychological concepts involved.

The course provides you with a unique, comprehensive set of modules covering a range of topics from fears to weight issues, infertility to phobias and addictions to working with children . You will learn to use hypnosis for a wide range of issues and also learn to regress clients back to the root causes of their problems. The most important part however, is the transformation. Yes, the transformation ! Marisa has no hesitations that you will be able to treat your patients and relieve them from their expressed problems.

Some of the key areas of the course include eating disorders, phobias, addictions and hypnosis in sport and in the corporate world.

In addition to this, you will learn how to set up and market your own practice. You will also learn vital public speaking skills in order to effectively market yourself!

If you are hoping to learn hypnotherapy, then visit our website www.marisapeer.com for more information on Marisa’s hypnotherapy training and course dates. Take a look at our blogs and testimonials too, or book a call with Marisa today to kick-start your journey. The previous blog on How To Stop Craving Beer can be read here.

There are multiple benefits and great aftercare included in the hypnotherapy course with Marisa Peer, both live and online. Included; monthly masterclasses with Marisa (including a live q&a), monthly masterclasses with our marketer (including a live q&a), your own facebook support group, email support from Marisa and her team, your listing on ‘find a therapist’ on Marisa’s website www.marisapeer.com.