Lose Weight Fast – How to do it with Marisa’s Techniques

Lose Weight Fast With Marisa Peer

Whether you’re hoping to get into your favourite dress before a friend’s wedding, or wanting to lose a few pounds before the summer, here are Marisa’s top tips to lose weight fast!

There are several things that will cause you to lose weight fast.

One of the most effective is DO NOT EAT LATE AT NIGHT. We forget that in our biology we are still cave people and cave people went to bed when it was dark and got up when it when it was light.

That means in the winter they were in bed at 4pm and in the summer they were still in bed by 9pm. As there was no electricity when it was dark they slept and now we have electricity we actually sleep less and eat more. Now we have electricity we can stay up until 1am, we might have dinner and then we have another snack later.

Your body really digests food very very badly in the evening and what it doesn’t digest it will always store as fat.

If you’re eating more food than you burn off you’re absolutely storing that as fat.

So try to have dinner as early as you can 6pm-7pm and of course that’s not feasible every night but even if you can do that three nights a week you are going to encourage your body to burn off fat.

So try say Monday-Wednesday have dinner really early at 6, 6.30pm and then don’t think at 11pm “I’m hungry now what can I eat?”

There’s no point eating before you go to bed – you’re not going to burn that food off, you’re going to store it as fat. Drink some hot tea or some fluids but eat dinner as early as you can three times a week as that will encourage you to keep weight off.

Secondly when you’re eating AT NIGHT DO NOT EAT CARBS. It takes the body a long, long time to break down carbs. They are a food that the body stores for energy. The body doesn’t take carbs and use them, it stores them for later, potentially causing weight loss. That’s why if you have a carbohydrate-heavy breakfast and you’re a manual worker you’ll burn them off.

It’s why runners pasta-load because that pasta is stored for later. If you’re eating carbohydrates late at night, there is no later, they simply get stored as fat.

If you have a dinner of protein and vegetables (and you can have a lot – you can have several pieces of chicken and a lot of green vegetables cooked in oil) you will burn it off.

So having dinner earlier and eating protein and vegetables will start to strip excess fat stores from your body.

Exercise is good too but you don’t have to go to the gym and do an hour and a half of aerobics. SKIPPING FOR TEN MINUTES in your house or rebounding (trampolining) is all good but the most effective thing is early dinner three times a week, preferably three nights in a row.

After lunch just have protein and vegetables. Have enough protein; steak, two portions of fish, two pieces of chicken, lots of green vegetables (as they’re less starch) just a little bit of exercise and if you do that you’ll absolutely lose weight fast and keep the weight off (individual results may vary).

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  • Ben says:

    I lost one stone (14 pounds) in 30 days easily, using Marisa’s weight loss techniques.

  • Shamaa says:

    Hi Marisa
    I have been eating healthy since I read your book (2wks)
    I just weight myself but have not shed any weight. Do you think this may
    Be due a monthly cycle?
    I think I did recently notice is that I did not crave for chocolates
    Which I did previously prior to my monthly cycles and my husband
    Noticed that I have not been moody of late. Obviously I do feel different
    In myself and trying to focus positively.

  • Marisa says:

    When you are on your period you retain fluid so give it a few more weeks. Very Best, Marisa

  • Nicole says:

    Hi Marisa, I was wondering if its ok to eat raisins and unsalted monkey nuts at breakfast??Thank youu

  • Marisa says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Unsalted monkey nuts are great but don’t have raisins they’re just pure sugar – have an apple or berries instead.
    Very Best, Marisa

  • Nicola says:

    Hi marisa, you deal with losing weight by not over eating. I gain weight and hold it but I don’t snack, eat chocolate fatty foods etc.
    I live off one meal a day which I pick at coz I’m not really interested in food. I’ve been told my body is in starvation mode constantly and that’s why I gain and hold weight! I only eat when I get the shakes if I’m honest.
    I really need to train myself to eat regularly, I’m always tired and struggle to sleep even though I fell tired all the time and have no energy. I’ve done a food diary for my dr and he was horrified on how little I eat.

  • Charlie says:

    Hi Marisa, I have just finished reading your book and have been listening to your cd for the past few nights. I was really excited to come across your book as I have been struggling for the whole of my adult life with food, constantly in a binge, diet cycle and constantly feeling out of control around food. I have been through a really tough time over the past couple of years and have used food as a comforter and Although I have only gained about 10lbs, I have a very slight frame and so this is a lot for me and is making me feel horrible, bloated and sluggish. I felt really inspired after reading your book and have been following your eating rules but I have steadily been gaining weight since starting this eating plan. I feel like I may be eating more than usual because I have been eating food every day (usually I binge for a few days but then have a few days starving) but I have not eaten any dairy, sugar or carbs, or eaten after 7pm. I have still been drinking wine though and I have also eaten fruit after lunch, I have also been eating handfuls of nuts throughout the day as snacks and am feeling bloated and full after eating and drinking anything. Is it likely that I am eating too much, even if it is of the ‘right’ foods? I really want to continue with your programme as I have read so much positive feedback but it is very disheartening to see the scales continually increasing 🙁 any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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