Healthy Diet Plans with Marisa Peer

Healthy Diet Plans with Marisa Peer

Actually it’s really easy to have a healthy diet plan. The way to do it is to only eat the food that nature provided for you.

If you eat the food that nature put on the planet for you, your body will use it, recognise it, burn it off, and you will never have a problem with weight. You won’t have to count calories, you’ll never have to weigh food. Healthy diet plans can be that simple.

What you have to do is what I call the “Four R’s”.

Whenever you’re shopping in a supermarket, ordering in a restaurant, or about to make dinner or eat dinner, you ask yourself these same things.

  • Does this food Roam or grow on the planet?
  • Can I Recognise this food?
  • Can I eat it Raw?
  • Does it Rot?

So if you were to take eggs or fish or fruit or berries, or anything like that, the first question is, “Does it roam or grow?” Yes! Fish and eggs are the product of something that roams around the planet. Fruit and nuts and seeds grow on trees.

Can you recognise what’s in them? Absolutely. Do they rot? Most definitely. Can you eat them raw? Of course. You might not want to, but you could actually eat raw eggs and fish.

If you were to look at a donut or a muffin…

  • That doesn’t roam or grow on the planet.
  • You actually can’t eat the ingredients of a muffin or a donut raw.
  • Those things never rot (you can actually keep them for fifteen years! I have pictures on my website of fifteen-year-old cakes and biscuits).
  • And you could never ever list the ingredients. In fact, the ingredients in manufactured food sound like a science manual.

So, if you ask yourself those “Four R’s” you’ll always be on the right track, and you’ll find it very very easy to eat.

In order to make your body a fat-burning machine and in order to have healthy diet, you also need to look at fat-burning properties.

Protein contains something called “Peptide YY” that keeps your body in fat-burning mode.

If you went home and ate half a chicken and half a cabbage cooked in oil, it’s a lot of food, but your body will use it all, it will burn it off, even without any activity.

When you eat protein, you’re always burning fat, which is why bodybuilders only eat protein before a competition.

When you eat starch and sugar, the minute you eat that your blood sugar levels go up, and your body says, “Store that for later.”

So if you have cereal or toast for breakfast, your body will store that for later. Maybe a biscuit mid-morning, your body goes, “Store that for later.” A sandwich for lunch, that’s starch, it’s sugar, “Store it for later.” Another biscuit in the afternoon. Pasta or rice for dinner. And maybe a cracker before you go to bed.

That’s seven times you’ve said to your body, “Store that for later.” And unfortunately later never ever comes. You never ever get to burn that off.

The only way you can eat starch is if you’re doing a lot of exercise, in which case you will burn it off.


  • Ask yourself the “Four R’s”
  • Eat real food
  • Always ask yourself, “Is my body going to use this or store this? Is this fat-burning or fat-storing? Where is the protein?”

Recognise Starch as Sugar

All starch is nothing more than cake or biscuits. And when you eat that food, even though it’s low-calorie food, because it doesn’t break down, your body makes internal fat to wrap it in, it’s what’s called “skinny fat.”

You can have a lot of internal fat on a low-calorie diet, because you’re eating food that your body doesn’t recognise, doesn’t break down, and can’t use.

So healthy diet plans that work are real food that your great-grandparents ate, and if you do that you’ll be fine. Find out about Weight Loss here. Althernatively, you can read the previous blog on Starting your new diet.

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