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Healthy Lifestyle Bundle

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Transform and rewire your mindset from within, using hypnosis to lead a healthier lifestyle. This audio bundle contains three hypnotic audio courses designed to improve your health and help you to feel better at the same time. Save $49 when you purchase these courses as a bundle rather than individually. 

Course #1) Selective And Moderate Drinking [VALUE = $49]

This audio helps to program your mind and give you the tools to become and stay a selective and moderate drinker. You could program your mind so that you stop drinking after one, or two drinks and only drink a few times a week.

Course #2) Hypnotic Weight Control [VALUE = $49]

This Hypnotic Weight Control audio download helps condition you to reach and maintain your ideal weight without dieting.

It gives you direct mental commands that help you program and condition you to eat selectively and to make the right choices

Course #3) Get Younger Skin [VALUE = $49]

This "Get Younger Skin" audio course encourages your cells to work more efficiently, encouraging your skin to look years younger using just the power of your mind. Your mind and thoughts influence how we age, and the skin responds to those thoughts. This hypnosis audio course teaches you to send positive messages to your skin, that could result in a confident glow as your immune system is boosted and your skin displays the results.

To achieve the best results from your audio courses, it is advised that you listen to each course for at least 21 days in a row.

Your course access is sent immediately to your email address post-purchase.

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Selective and Moderate Drinking

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Hypnotic Weight 

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Get Younger 

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