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For the first time in 10 years since she developed the technique, Marisa Peer has created a complete and concise transformational program for I Am Enough. Delivered in 8 modules over 8 video and audio tracks, the program will give you the same reality-shifting, epiphanic effects experienced by her high-profile clients in person.

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In short – this is for anybody who wants to improve their life.

Every client that walks into my practice, no matter what the issue they believe they’re facing — behind that issue is a lack of true inner confidence and self-worth.

And it all narrows down to the most common ‘disease’ affecting humanity today...

Hi, this is Marisa.

I'm really pleased that you're interested in this relationship with money mini-course, because we all have a relationship with it.

Some people attract it. They respect it. Other people can't keep money, and they don't know how to get it, and they stress and worry about it all the time.

Let me tell you something about money.

What you believe you are worth will really affect your relationship with money.

When people say, "I feel worthless," as opposed to, "I'm worth it," and I want you to resonate, "I'm worth it," and I know that you can.

I've just made an amazing programme called I Am Enough. It has a whole module focusing on your relationship with money.

It also has so much more. It has a section on finding your purpose in life. After all, when you find your purpose, and you can pursue it with confidence, then you'll have a career that you love. That's really important. It's not just about the money. It's about living a life with meaning and purpose and feeling that you're contributing and making a difference.

We have other modules too. We have a module on finding and attracting love because all the money in the world is wonderful, but you want someone to wake up with and go to sleep with too. It's also about having a fantastic relationship with yourself, so you go to the gym. You respect your body so that you can live until you're 98 and beyond and be healthy all the time too.

It has another module about how to have a powerful sex life not just because powerful sex feels great, but because actually, a powerful sex life will help you fight depression. It fights ageing. It has so many health benefits, and my favourite, favourite module, which is how to know that you're enough. How to have that resonate from you almost see part of your pores because when you know that you're enough, everyone else around you will know it too.

While it's great to have money, a lot of money, while it's great to be abundant, I work with enough millionaires who are miserable, depressed, sometimes even suicidal because as well as money, we want love. We want health. We want happiness. We want inner peace.

If you want everything, if you want to have it all, all at the same time, go ahead and just take a look at I Am Enough.

It's probably exactly what you need. Just have a look at it.

I think you'll love it.

See you soon.