Fearful Flyers- Three Steps to Help Fearful Flyers

Fearful Flyers- What Can You Do?

The most dangerous part of the flight is always the drive  to the airport.

If you have the faith to get into a car and go on a journey, you can transfer that same faith to getting onto a plane, without becoming one of those fearful flyers.

The way you feel about flying is down to only two things:

  • The pictures you make in your head and
  • the words you say to yourself.

By changing the words and pictures, you can change how you feel about flying. So…

  1. Tell yourself you are calm, safe and in excellent hands and by repeating that your mind will start to believe it.
  2. Get your mind immersed into something else as soon as possible, so as soon as you are in your seat become engrossed in  a gripping novel or audio book. Because your mind can’t do two things at once, it can’t think of fear and anxiety, when involved in the plot of a book.
  3. Playing a hypnosis CD will take your mind off the fear and make you feel relaxed confident and happy, so play it a for few days before the flight and during take-off and you will feel fine.

Fearful flyers can change the way they think by following the above steps. Read more- Overcome your fear of flying.