Fat Foods and Foods That Never Make You Fat

Fat Foods- what are they?

If you want to find the food that never makes you fat ask yourself this question before you buy something or order it:

“Could I make this in my kitchen?”

So if your question is, “Should I use butter or margarine?” the answer is that butter is better than margarine, but natural spreads are even better still because anyone can blend avocado’s, olives, chick peas or soya beans into a dip or spread and you could whiz nuts or sunflower seeds and oil into a nut or seed butter very easily.

If you really wanted to and had the time and energy you could take cream and churn it into butter but it would take a lot of effort. However you could not make margarine in your home unless you could get hydrogenated gas and could boil vegetable oil at a tremendous heat, then mix it with the hydrogenated gas, allowing it to cool, before adding bleach, deodorant, emulsifier and colourings to make margarine.

Aside from the question why would you even want to? Without access to a science lab or a refinery it’s not actually possible. so before you buy or eat a food ask yourself: “Could I make this at home?” Can this be classed as Fat foods?

If the answer is yes eat it, if it’s no, avoid it.

This simple question will help you choose real food that your body uses and burns off keeping you slim and healthy rather than chemicals that are left in your body for years wrapped in internal fat making you fatter and making you lethargic and unwell.

You could knock up real popcorn in your kitchen in minutes but you can’t make cheese doodles or twiglets.

You can dry your own fruit or make fruit purees but you can’t make fruit roll ups and while anyone can boil a ham you can’t make spam or luncheon meat.

Keep asking yourself these simple questions and it will help you to make the right choices. Read about Hypnotic Weight Control.

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