Disconnection Epidemic

LIVE Webinar With Marisa Peer
How To Get More Connection And No Rejection

Live On Saturday 9th February at 6pm GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST

Join Marisa Peer LIVE on Saturday 9th February for a live webinar on how to get more connection and no rejection. There will also be a live Q&A at the end of the webinar with Marisa answering some of your questions about the connection and rejection. The webinar and Q&A are free and everyone is able to attend, all you need to do is register to get your link.

There is an epidemic in our midsts that is causing great harm in our lives, relationships, mental health and ability to connect and feel truly fulfilled.

We are calling this How To Get More Connection And No Rejection, or you may have heard it referred to as the Loneliness Epidemic.

As humans, we are naturally social creatures.  We need to feel a sense of belonging, that we are connected to others.  Remove this connection and researchers have shown that loneliness and rejection activate the same parts of the brain as physical pain.

Marisa Peer will also be explaining how you can help others free themselves from this loneliness epidemic using my powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques, just like she does.

It’s time to stand strong, there has never been a more necessary time to stand together for happier and healthier lives.  Register below to join the live webinar.

Why You Should Join The Live Webinar

- Marisa will be talking about how to get more connection and no rejection and how you can help yourself and others.

- There will be a LIVE Q&A session with Marisa at the end of the webinar. Marisa will be answering questions from some webinar attendees LIVE ON AIR.

- There will be a chance to join Marisa and train live with her in Miami, Vancouver, Los Angeles and London in 2019! Full details will be revealed on the live webinar.

About Marisa Peer

Proof of Marisa’s success can be found in her numerous and varied accolades. She is listed in the Tatler guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, has a long list of celebrity clients, and has been heralded as everything from “The Best Therapist in the UK,” to a “pioneering motivational hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist.”

Gaining a reputation for provoking lasting change in her clients from just a single session, Marisa has become known as the “therapist’s therapist” for her ability to take on and transform clients that other practitioners have failed to help. She developed her course based on a deep desire to spread her singular method to as many people as possible worldwide.