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Diets That Work by Marisa Peer

Diets That Work and Those That Don’t

I can’t tell you about “Diets that work”  because the fact is – diets don’t work!

They deprive you of food so that you think about it all the time – and actually end up eating more.


People who diet tend to PUT ON MORE WEIGHT than those who don’t!

It’s true. While you may lose fat in the short term (because you are simply not eating enough), that is not sustainable, and cannot work in the long term.

I have worked in health and fitness in the UK and USA for most of my career, and I have helped thousands of people to get thin and stay that way. I have seen every diet fad that has come and gone. Some of them have part of the picture, but anything that is focused on calorie deprivation is bound to backfire. So are there any diets that work? I do not think there are!

Instead of “dieting” let me tell you what I’ve discovered is the only way to lose weight, be thin, and stay thin.

First, Master Your Mind

It’s human nature to want what you can’t have, so the only way to ever make a diet work is to choose to do it, to really want to do it, and to get your mind on board. Then it becomes easier

In order to succeed, first decide to do it and to feel good about it. Instead of moaning about what you can’t have, you must remind yourself that you can have anything all the time – but you are choosing not to.

Remind yourself that you will always have another day to eat. If you are 30 to 40 years old that means you have about 50 more years on the planet to eat, but you don’t have 50 more years to look the way you want to look.

Telling yourself “I have another 50 years to eat biscuits” helps you to avoid them with ease.

What to Eat

Now you’ve got your mind on board, what should you eat?

Eat Real Food, Including Fat!

You should eat real food that mother nature provided for you, food that burns fat, plus you should eat fat as it fills you up, stops hunger, and is needed by your skin and brain.

Eat Protein

When you eat protein you crank up fat burning. Protein is a building food that means your body uses protein to repair your body so if you eat meat, chicken, eggs, or fish your body uses it.

Your body doesn’t store the energy in protein. That’s why body builders eat mainly protein before a competition – so they stay in fat burning mode.

Some diets that work in the short term (such as the Atkins diet, which is an incomplete and dangerous way to feed your body) work in this way.

Avoid Starch

When you eat starchy carbs like rice, pasta, bread cereal and potatoes, the starch becomes sugar very quickly, your insulin levels rise and make you store fat.

That’s why runners carbo-load before a competition. The body doesn’t burn energy from carbs. It stores it for later but — unless you are extremely active — later never comes, and you just go on training your body to store fat… several times a day.

So every time you eat ask yourself, “Will my body burn this or store it? Is this fat burning or fat storing?”

Base your diet around all protein (especially lean meat, all fish, all poultry, and eggs) served with any green vegetables in any amount. You can stir fry or roast them in oil, or serve with lots of salads with a nice oil dressing.

How to Snack (Fat Does not Make you Fat — Sugar and Starch Do!)

  • Snack on fruits and berries. Apples and pears are best, and a few nuts and seeds are great.
  • Nut butter on celery sticks or guacamole with crudités are perfect snacks.
  • Air popped popcorn with soy sauce is a fantastic snack.

What Foods to Avoid

Cereal and toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner is no different to eating cake all day.

One slice of bread contains 5 times more sugar (in the form of starch) than your body can use — so cut back on carbs.

If you love pasta have chick pea or okra pasta as it’s made from vegetables. My blog has fabulous alternatives to rice , pasta and noodles.

Limit the Variety in Each Meal

Finally, when you eat more than six flavours your appetite increases. We actually eat 50% more when we increase variety. That’s why you can feel stuffed after lunch, try just a sliver of dessert, than eat the whole thing!

Every time you add a new taste texture or variety of food, your appetite increases, so although you need a reasonably varied diet — don’t overdo it.

Limiting the variety in each meal will help you take control of your appetite.

Keep Food Out of Sight

When food is in our line of vision, we can end up eating up to 70% more.

so serve food in the kitchen, take it to the table and don’t leave the serving dishes on the table.

For the same reason, don’t keeps nuts in bowls while you watch TV or go to buffets where food is in your eye line — you will just eat more.

If your kids have treats that you want to avoid, don’t put them in a cupboard where you can see them. Put them in a high cupboard so you can forget they are there.

Diets That Work?

Dieting doesn’t work. Choose to see “diet” as the way you eat, week in week out, not something you do for a quick fix, because it’s likely you’ll put more weight back on!

So stop “dieting”, follow my tips, and see that weight drop off every week.