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Curb Overeating – Take the first steps

Curb overeating with Marisa Peer

Many people who overeat do so because they don’t feel enough; they don’t feel good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or successful enough and they feel empty inside. They try to curb that feeling by eating more so that they can feel full but it never lasts for long enough, so how do you curb overeating?

  1. If you overeat, before every meal start saying to yourself “I am enough and I have enough I don’t need more.”
  2. Your stomach is the size of your fist and doesn’t need much food to feel satisfied, as long as you eat slowly and chew properly rather than bolting your food. Eating slowly allows your body to take more nutrients from the food as we have a lot of digestive enzymes in saliva. So slow your eating down. At every meal put your knife and fork down and take twice as long to eat as usual so that your stomach can register you have eaten and you can stop before you get bloated. Squeeze your hand into a fist just before and during eating and keep telling yourself “My stomach is the size of my fist and I feel full and satisfied halfway through eating.”
  3. Drink more water as dehydration is often interpreted as hunger when it’s not hunger but thirst. Hot drinks like tea and bouillon have a very comforting effect on the body when you feel stressed, which helps curb overeating.

Eating sweet starchy sugary food is a search for security – a need to get back the feeling of comfort we got as babies when we were held and fed and everything was good.

But you can’t get that feeling from food. If you crave sugar and sweet things, breaking a 500mg capsule of L-Gluatmine onto your tongue can stop the craving very quickly. Read more on weight loss and hypnotic weight control to what you can do to help yourself.