Caring For Cancer

‘One in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives’ according to Cancer Research UK and ‘the most accurate forecast to date’, published in the British Journal of Cancer.

This article summarises the best practises, tools and techniques shared by Marisa Peer and Katrina Roads, who have both survived cancer and now dedicate their lives to helping others.

“Cancer doesn’t have to be a life sentence”

Whilst statistics say that half of us will at some point be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime, cancer doesn’t always need to be a life sentence. In fact it helps NOT to think of it as such and focus on what we can control instead.

‘The mind believes what you tell it. Every thought creates a physical reaction in the body….’ Marisa Peer, founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) states. ‘Your imagination is the most powerful tool you own and your mind has the most powerful healing potential on the planet’.

Marisa Peer, overcame cancer and testifies that the power of the mind was key to supporting her rapid recovery. This comes from her own personal experience. ‘When talking about her own experience of being diagnosed with cancer, while undergoing trreatment, she actively imagined the cancer remaining contained and shrinking. She told her body what she wanted it to do and remained positive about the outcome. She surprised doctors with how quickly she managed to fully recover and now teaches others how to use Cell Therapy, Healing Vortex and other aspects of Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) to encourage their mind and body to work together in a similar way.’

After 30 years of helping clients all over the world overcome physical, emotional and cognitive issues, Marisa now teaches others how to use Rapid Transformational Therapy™ to achieve dramatic and life-changing results. Marisa says:

“You have so much power to keep yourself well, to heal your body. Don’t give your power away. How you’re going to feel in life is really all up to you.”

Katrina Roads, a cancer survivor and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, recently ran an insightful ‘Caring for Cancer’ RTT Masterclass, the highlights of which we are sharing here to benefit as many as possible.

RTT Masterclasses are a regular part of the on-going training for all RTT Practitioners and Therapists. They focus on specific areas in a lot more detail, with either Marisa Peer herself or an expert in a particular field. After training live with Marisa, Katrina went onto become an Advanced RTT Therapist and now shares her story, experience and expertise to help others, including those diagnosed with cancer.

Katrina was declared five years all clear from stage 4 colon cancer last year, so she truly knows what it is like to live through a terminal cancer diagnosis. She is now dedicated to helping others care for cancer, using insights, knowledge and RTT.

In her Caring for Cancer Masterclass, Katrina shared how we can use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to assist with resolving client’s physical and emotional symptoms. She said we have tools such as Cell Therapy, Healing Vortex, and looking into the Role, Function, Purpose and Intention, to flush out toxins, tell the body what to do, and help identify what a person believes is holding them back. She stated that we can use RTT for so many things, like supporting shrinking tumours, reactivating healthy cell function, helping people through their procedures like chemo and radiation, amplifying good results, eating well, detoxing, stress management, pain management and even preparing for the final transition and to be at peace.

“The Big C”

Katrina says that ‘Cancer is the Big C – “C” for CHANGE. It is the body’s way of saying STOP. What you are doing is not working. The body’s immune system is not working properly. The person most likely has some toxicity and inflammation and their gut microbiome is out of balance – nutritional, chemical, environmental (stuff we put on our skin), emotional (self-talk, subconscious feelings about ourselves, people in our lives). Ideally this needs to be resolved.’

Katrina said that during a session she wants the client to tell us what they believe about themselves, the cancer, their life and what they want. She shared how it helps to look for the positive intention of the symptoms, feeling, illness, habit, or belief. She highlighted the importance of focusing on the way forward and what you want.

Control your controllables.

Whilst cancer can leave people feeling out of control, RTT shows ‘clients the power they do have to release that feeling of out of control. Sometimes these can be done in one session, sometimes it’s multiple sessions and involves a series of audio recordings’ Katrina said.

Katrina shared these six things we can have control over, that can make a difference to cancer, your immune function, and overall bodily health.

6 Caring for Cancer Suggestions:

1. Change your diet (use food as medicine).

Remove… excess glucose; take out starchy carbs (breads, wheat, flour, processed and packet foods). Take out junk dairy (non-organic, homogenized), trans fats, refined sugars. Go as close to wholefoods as possible, clean, organic or biodynamic, especially all leafy greens, veggies, and for fruit that you don’t peel the skin off.

Add in…

  • Probiotics and fermented foods to create a healthy gut microbiome that efficiently breaks down food and eliminates toxins effectively.
  • Clean filtered water (no fluoride, no chlorine).
  • Fresh organic greens/veggies especially cruciferous veggies (broccoli, kale, cauliflower etc.)
  • Omega-3 oils (Flax oil, flax seeds, fish/krill oil).
  • Take superfoods in therapeutic quantities. The body loves high quality nutrients. It has enough to deal with coping with the metabolic issues created by cancers. Take the toxic load off the body where possible.

Katrina said that people may also want to consider medical ketotis or proven protocols like The Gerson Therapy. However, this requires professional guidance. The Truth About Cancer has more information on changing diet for cancer.

2. Avoid toxic chemicals and parabens.

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and, as it is porous, it absorbs what you put on it. Avoid using chemicals on the skin. Read labels to get paraben and SLS-free skincare and haircare. Natural products can be good on skins, such as olive oil and coconut oil, but usually not for the face. A good rule of thumb when considering what to put on your body is to ask yourself if you would be happy to put it in your body and eat it?

Cleaning chemicals are not necessarily good for the body either. Katrina suggests using Norwex products, or bicarbonate of soda and vinegar for cleaning. Choose phthalate and BPA-free plastics (to help remove all excess oestrogenic promoters). Avoid microwaving plastics and using cling-films.

3. Supplement.

Our foods are deficient in the minerals and nutrients we need, even organically grown foods (though we need those because they have no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and are better for our bodies as a result of this alone). Working with a nutritionist will help you identify what you may need for you specifically.

Katrina shares the following supplements, which she has found to be helpful:

DIM – a cruciferous vegetable supplement, especially for breast cancer and oestrogen related health issues. DIM-plus contains diindolylmethane, a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale. Unlike other plant nutrients such as soy isoflavones, diindolylmethane has unique hormonal benefits. DIM-Plus supports the activity of enzymes that improve estrogen metabolism. Scientific research shows diindolylmethane increases the level of “favorable” estrogens (2-hydroxy-estrogen), while reducing the level of “less favorable” estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen).

You may also like to consider taking bioactive turmeric (anti-inflammatory), Omega 3 (flax or fish based), Liver supplements (milk thistle silymarin), getting the natural balance of selenium, magnesium, plus all the daily essential multivitamins and minerals. Phytonutrients and supergreens are important, plus the body needs quality proteins to heal too.

4. Minimise Wi-Fi and EMF’s.

  • Keep devices seven feet away from the head and body while charging or overnight.
  • Keep phones, computers seven feet. away from the body as you sleep.
  • Switch off Wi-Fi at night.
  • Consider using Bodywell chips on all devices, or similar.
  • Blue shield technology and mats are also available, which may help.

5. THERAPY such as RTT


Next to dietary and water changes, emotional healing is fundamentally important. We need to detox our bodies and our emotions, heal from toxic relationships, remove unnecessary stress or learn how to not experience negative stress in our lives.

Katrina shared 3 ways RTT can be applied to clients presenting with cancer:

1. Address the physical symptoms – tumours, cancer cells and the health of the body in general. Some people may just want to concentrate on the physical aspects getting through procedures, increasing relaxation and activating the body’s healing mechanisms and reducing stress and fears.

2. Investigate and explore underlying root causes or reasons – there may be an unresolved issue or historical trauma. We can unpack subconscious beliefs held by the client in order to resolve deep rooted beliefs and their physical effects on the body. As Marisa Peer says ‘we cannot heal what we don’t feel’ and that understanding gives us the most liberating transformative power.

3. Manage stress – Katrina says that this alone can change a person’s life, Releasing stress restores love. Resolving anxiety helps turn the immune system on, calming it so that it can function better. When a body is in the stress ‘fight or flight’ response, is it not in a healing state. When a body is in ‘rest and digest’ we are flicking on the healing modality, helping the client to remove the stress hormones and restore calm and healing. See below for some more tips on reducing stress and installing more love.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are all important as they teach us how to be more self-aware, more connected to our hearts and bodies, and when the body and mind is simultaneously still, stress hormones are more rapidly metabolized or “burnt off” and the body is better for it.

6. Active Detoxification

The body naturally detoxes daily through the skin, breathing, gut, lymph and a properly working digestive system is the number one defense against all illnesses.

Katrina said that liver cleanses such as Gerson’s Coffee enema’s or Dr Schultz’ Liver Flush assist with flushing toxins, excess hormones, and releasing further antioxidants. There are others that include Epsom salts and castor oil too.

The intestines need a complete flush, as the gut is the ‘seat’ of immunity. Strengthening Immunity and a clean well functioning digestion is imperative. Clients need to be doing at least one bowel movement a day or toxins are building up in the body. During cancer, the body is eliminating more toxins from the cancer itself. If the body is breaking down a tumor, the liver is under more pressure and needs help. Also, liver cleanses help the body flush dumped oestrogen (eg during menopause or high oestrogen in breast cancer) Katrina suggests.

7. Sleep

High quality sleep is important for the body to repair and restore itself. Katrina suggested ideally nine hours in a darkened room, where you feel refreshed afterwards is best.

Plus, as a bonus… have fun!

There is one more vitally important thing… FUN! It might seem like a challenge to have fun when facing such uncertainty and ill health. However, it’s really important.

In the RTT Masterclass, Katrina said that she asks her clients: ‘Where is the fun, the joy, the playfulness, the light-heartedness, and fulfilment in your life? Who are you living your life for? What do you do for yourself, on a regular basis?

Stress is an immune system killer, when you are in a state of flow and doing something you love, your body is more likely to relax and get into a healing state. Flood yourself with happy hormones—what is your prescription for fun? What are you grateful for? Where do you get your love from? Laugher, dancing or singing and having fun all boost your immune response.’ Make healing fun!

Stress Release and Installing LOVE

When it comes to reducing anxiety and stress, Katrina shared the following to install more love:

  • Stress and anxiety are created in the mind. Thoughts create the chemicals and feelings in the body. Change the thoughts—change the physical state.
  • Flood the body with good feelings and happy hormones, to override the stress hormones.
  • Use simple mindfulness methods like ‘Tense and Release’, Square breath’, Nostril Breath’, ‘Body shake’ and ‘Body Squeeze’. These methods stop cortisol and adrenaline, slow down and switch the nervous system so the client can think straight.
  • Meditation is a practice that the body benefits from daily. Make it a habit.

Installing the LOVE: The Love Triad

There are 3 types of love:

1.    Love you GIVE: to yourself and to others

2.    Love you RECEIVE from others (family, friends, people, lovers, husbands, wives, partners, children, pets etc) and yourself (see How to Love Yourself)

3.    Love from a HIGHER SOURCE e.g. God, Spirit, Universe.

We all need all three Katrina states. How do you rate? Where can you receive more readily, give more freely? What balance do you have (check each category), do you need to give or receive more love? What energises you and fills you with love and what leaves you feeling drained? Where do you reject or deny love? It’s important to examine and reflect on where, why and how you can install more love into your life.

Sharing valuable resources to help benefit as many as possible

Katrina kindly shared her incredible expertise with the RTT community, so that more people can benefit from the lessons learnt through her personal experience, research and specialist training. This sharing of best practises and continual support is so valuable in the RTT Community, so that everyone can keep up to date with the latest techniques across a broad range of specialisms. It is one of the reasons that RTT training is so effective and why those that train in it can have such a resounding success, even if they had no prior therapy experience, as the training covers everything.

If you would like more information on Rapid Transformational Therapy or how to train to be an RTT therapist you can find out more here.

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