Some people wait years to be able to have a session with Marisa. If this is you, the wait is over! Get access to all the behind-the-scenes knowledge and methods with your super-host, multi-award-winning hypnotherapist, and founder and creator of RTT®, Marisa Peer.

An Audience With Marisa 

Saturday, February 19, 2022 [City] | Saturday, March 5, 2022 [City]

Spend a whole day with Marisa overcoming personal blocks and start living your best life—the life you were meant to live.

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Personally connect with Marisa Peer as she shares her three decades of wisdom and experience as a multi-award-winning hypnotherapist to help you step into your best self. Discover the extraordinary story behind her phenomenal success and learn how you can embody her techniques in this candid and private setting.
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If Marisa Could Help You With Anything, What Would It Be?

You’re invited to spend a full day with Marisa, as she guides you and an exclusive audience of like-minded people to start overcoming your personal blocks. The aim? To help you start living your best life.

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Your Chance To Be In the Same Room as Marisa

If you have followed Marisa over the years, now is your chance to connect with her in person, and she is delighted to have this time with you.

Marisa rarely offers a private audience due to her busy schedule, but when she gets the opportunity to, it brings her so much joy as she sees profound breakthroughs right before her eyes.
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During this unique event, you will be able to:
Explore the challenges facing us today as Marisa teaches you how to integrate her ‘I Am Enough’ methods into your everyday life to unlock limitless potential. 
Begin to overcome your blocks and let go of what’s been holding you back. Many of us carry some sort of blocks that drive certain behaviors, and most of these are hidden deep in our subconscious minds. Marisa will guide you through how to create a better reality for yourself.
Immerse yourself in self-development, self-love, and self-acceptance through Marisa’s ‘Rules of the Mind’ as you begin to step into the life you have always wanted. 
Experience a transformative group session teaching you how to believe in yourself—as you let go of what’s weighing you down and witness the power of Marisa’s phenomenal methods.  
 Have the rare opportunity to ask those all-important, burning questions and soak up all the nuggets of wisdom Marisa has acquired over her three decades of experience.

Now Is Your Chance To Get Closer and Connect With Marisa on a Deeper Level. 

The beauty of Marisa’s approach is to simplify how the mind works to a core of fundamental learnings. One of those fundamentals is that your mind responds to the images and words you tell yourself. An inner belief or a feeling that you are just not enough is the common denominator to many emotional issues and the number one issue that blocks people from happiness and success. No matter what you do, how hard you try, you cannot fulfill your potential.

Marisa uses her powerful techniques to help you finally realize your worth and believe with unshakable certainty that you are enough.

‘I Am Enough’ is underpinned by Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), Marisa’s multi-award-winning approach to therapy capable of helping people create real change in their lives.

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What It's Like To See Marisa Live?

Marisa is a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences of thousands globally on multiple stages with her ability to transfix, inspire, and hypnotize entire live audiences on the spot. She has created a stellar reputation for delivering unforgettable talks that leave people feeling moved, renewed, and shifted at a core level.

An enigmatic storyteller, her engaging and amusing talks are peppered with anecdotes from an incredible career—in which she has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues.

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Transformations Reported by People Who’ve Experienced
Marisa’s ‘I Am Enough’ Technique

Identify and understand your purpose so that you achieve significance in life
​Ignite the drive and confidence you need to live the life doing what you’re meant to do
 ​Rewire your beliefs around money so that you become a wealth magnet
Maintain a healthy and productive dialogue in your mind to make your thoughts your most supportive ally
 Easily welcome praise (from yourself and from others) and deflect criticism
Thrive in your relationships, career, and social environments by being comfortable with living from your truth—strengths, flaws, and all

Want to be a part of the action and experience the same or even better outcomes?

You’ll Be Joining a Community of People Who Have Experienced Incredible Results

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  • “Marisa's work through her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) method, has deeply impacted the lives of many including myself. I now feel a profound sense of confidence when working with clients on deeper emotional issues thanks to the program.”

    - Jessica Nazarali, Audience With Marisa Attendee 
  • "Thank you so much for the audience with Marisa program, I loved it. I brought my husband kicking and screaming and he even admits he got something out of it, so thank you so much for being an inspiration to many."

    - Angela Bayes, Audience With Marisa Attendee 
  • “Marisa’s teaching methods are clear and precise. As a teacher myself, I really value when someone takes into account effective learning strategies. Marisa repeats the important material, adds her own useful anecdotes from personal clients and very clearly identifies any of the possible issues that could come up in a session.”

    - Deniser Porter -Audience With Marisa Attendee 
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Experience the Spine-Tingling Power of an Audience With Marisa

Marisa is inundated with bookings, so this is your one chance to step outside of your usual routine and into a dedicated space for profound self-discovery at this unique and special in-person event. 

Places are very limited, so make sure you claim yours today.
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