Ask Marisa Anything Special Sneak Peek

Ask Marisa Anything Special Sneak Peek

Every Wednesday Marisa has been making herself available for a live webinar to ‘Ask Marisa Anything’, where she openly answers any questions you may have. This week, we thought that we would give you a sneak peek at some of the things that come up…

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Faye: Jemia and Bejal are both expressing problems with feeling stuck and really wanting to get over this resistance. They're wondering what the best way to motivate themselves would be…?

Marisa: When you feel resistance, you need to ask yourself: "If the resistance had a job, what would it be... ?"

Let's give an example. Let’s imagine I'm a bit out of shape and I want to lose some weight. I really want to go to the gym and have a tight tummy and streamlined legs, but I never go. I've got a membership. However, I don't even turn up. I plan to go yet I seem to sabotage myself. What on earth is going on? I bought that gym membership. Why don't I go? 

So many of our issues actually have a role, function, and purpose. They have a job to do. Your job is to find out what their job is and to stop it.

You know, I’ve worked with so many addicts and they always have this belief that, "I'm failing because I'm an addict." Actually it's often the other way around. "If I'm an addict, I have permission to fail. No one expects too much of me because of the addiction."

I worked with someone with chronic headaches whose father was an accountant and told her from the beginning, "You've got to be an accountant. You have to take over the family accounts. I've spent all this money on your education so you can take over."

She didn't want to be an accountant. She just wanted to be a DJ. She got chronic headaches, which were allowing her to fail. Her father stopped saying, "When are you going to take over?" And started to say, "My daughter could never be an accountant. She has terrible migraines."

So you see, she didn't choose to have migraines. None of us choose it. But we dial up with our mind and we don't even know what we're doing. As we dial up with our mind, we tell it stuff. "I don't want to be rejected. I'm scared of failing. It would kill me to have another relationship go wrong. I'd die if I got fired again. If I went to another job and was publicly fired in front of everyone just like last time, it would be the end of the world." And the mind goes, "Oh, I can't let that happen. Why don't I give you panic attacks or anxiety attacks or agoraphobia or claustrophobia. Now you can't go back to a public office and now you can never be fired in front of everyone just like before."

Even people who've been bullied as children think thoughts like, "I don't ever want to be humiliated again. I don't want to be the focus of attention. I don't want people to look at me." Therefore they end up doing a job they don't like, working from home, doing cold-calling anonymously or doing something that gives them no job satisfaction, because they have a belief from their childhood that says, "I couldn't cope with being rejected or bullied or picked on or even looked at. I don't want to be the centre of attention. I'm no good with confrontation. I can't bear being the centre of attention."

This feeling that you can't be the centre of attention is something you acquired. You weren't born with it. You can get rid of it easily. I promise you. Babies don’t think "You know what? I hate being the centre of attention." Babies love it. They expect it, they cry out for it and they thrive on it - it’s key to their survival - to make sure they get their needs met.

Faye: Nell is astounded that RTT can help people with physical health issues. She's wondering if you could tell her some of the things you’ve treated with RTT?

Yes, we had a girl with OCD. We had a girl who had chronic sweating. We had somebody who had chronic migraines. We had a man called Mark Caradonis who wore very thick glasses and in one session, he stopped wearing glasses. We’ve worked with asthma, eczema, dermatitis, migraines, tremors, shakes, stutters, stammers, hair loss, blushing. You name it. We had somebody in Vancouver who was incontinent, with stress incontinence. Turned out she didn't want to have sex with her husband. That all stopped immediately after an RTT session. Some of the things we've worked with have been astonishing. We had a girl in our second course called Nicole who was deaf. Amazingly by the end of the session, she said, "Why is everyone shouting?" I said, "Well you can hear."

A lot of illnesses like headaches, deafness, skin conditions, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, phobias, even selective muteness come about because at some level, the client, without knowing it, makes a request. Many children who are bullied will end up with hair loss or they'll get a tremor or a shake because they need the parent to see that something is wrong.

So there isn't a limit on the physical issues. We worked with cancer, with dementia, with Alzheimer's. I've worked with children with ADD and autism. We never claim to cure them, but it's to help them cope with the situation they're in so they can function better. I've worked with people with diabetes. I've hypnotised people to give birth without any drugs at all. I had the same thing, a hypnotic birth. It was extraordinary and amazing and easy.

If you want to hear more, you can book a call with a therapist who can tell you all about their life. It's so interesting when they share their stories, such as: "Well you know, I was a hairdresser. I worked in a shop. I worked in the city. I was a PA. I was a school teacher." They're going to tell about their journey, where they started, where they are now, how they find their clients, how they fit it into their life, the money they make, what it's like. If you want to find out more, speak to someone that's trained with me and who's got an amazing life as an RTT therapist.

Faye: Marisa, would you mind telling everyone a little bit about Audience with Marisa and how it can help expand on some of these things?

Audience with Marisa is something brand-new and really exciting. People have been asking me to do this for years. It's been really hard to schedule it in. Finally I said, you know what? Let's just do it. I'm doing them in Los Angeles, in London and in Melbourne, in Australia. 

When you join me, you're going to do so many things. It's very interactive. It's not about me talking from the stage and you taking notes. Far from it. I'll be with you, doing the work with me. You'll be doing a lot of powerful healing.

I'll be doing something called the ‘Healing Vortex’, which works on physical blocks, mental blocks, and emotional blocks. We're doing something called Command Cell therapy, commanding your body to work better. 

We'll be looking at where the limiting beliefs or glass ceiling is in your life and we'll be getting rid of it. We'll be going back as a group and locating every self-limiting belief you have and getting rid of it. Many people come in and go, "I have no idea why I binge eat, why I sabotage myself, why I'm self destructive. I don't know why I do that." When you come to the weekend with Marisa, you will find out why, really fast.

You will have so many “aha” moments that will change your entire life. Even if you do know why, we will change it. I've just finished a 12-day course in London. One of the girls I was training had a phobia. She was cleaning her teeth for 20 minutes, five times a day at least. That sounds okay, but it stopped her going out, it stopped her eating in public. She just couldn't understand why she did this. It was OCD. She was diagnosed with OCD.

No one could explain to her why she got OCD. Because you know, babies don't care about cleaning their teeth. You have to really convince your little kids to clean their teeth. So she couldn't understand why she got it. I talked to her, went back and had a look and we found out idmmediately why she had OCD about her teeth cleaning and showering. She came in the next day and said, "It's amazing. It's all gone. I started to clean my teeth and a voice in my head went, you're done now. I put the toothbrush down and it's been happening ever since." Not only that, she looked so different. She was dancing and singing and laughing.

Talking about how her life was so limited. I think I did eight live sessions on that course. Every person was so different, completely different afterwards, because they all were able to uncover what was limiting them. As they uncovered it, they became free of it. You'll be able to uncover everything that's limited you really fast, and then you'll be able to be free of it.

I do something called I, I, I, I. What that means is together, you and I, the whole crowd. It's amazing when you do it in a group because the energy is quite powerful. We're going to investigate where you got your limiting beliefs. Then we're going to interpret how those beliefs have limited you, held you back. Then we're going to interrupt them, get rid of them, change them and then we're going to install, code in and wire in much better beliefs.

This is that same neuroplasticity where you get negative neurons to disappear and new, positive neurons firing and they get stronger and stronger and stronger. I'm going to teach you about the rules of your mind, the way you belong, the way you behave in a group. 

How you can change your life, change yourself, how you can find love. How you can find wealth. How you can find success. How you can find phenomenal health. Even how you can be super orgasmic.

We don't just do one thing. Maybe we'll go, "I'm going on a success course to make money, then I'm going to go on another course to find love and then I'm going to save up some money and I want to go on a course for wellbeing so I can be healthy and live a long life." I'm like, "Why not do the whole thing in one course because it's just branches of a tree. Here's health. Here's money. Here's wealth. Here's love. Here's success. Here's a great sex life. But really there's a root in there. The root of what you believe is what's hurting you. Does it feel like you're mowing your lawn going, "I mowed my lawn. All the weeds have gone. Oh, they've come back. Why have they come back? I thought I mowed them. Let me do it again." And again, but they keep coming back.

You see, you have to take things out at the root to stop them coming back. We're going to do that in the Audience with Marisa so successfully. If you want to come for a transformation, you'll get that in the room. It will last forever, it will change your life. I will personally help you and I can't wait to meet you.

Faye: We actually have two or three people asking about being an RTT therapist. Could you just tell everyone what it's like?

Marisa: It's amazing. I mean, honestly, it's the best job in the entire world. I wouldn't swap places even with Beyonce, because I love what I do and I do what I love. I love it because I wake up every day with meaning, with purpose, knowing that somebody on the planet is having a better life because of me. I wake every day to cards and letters from people, hearing their stories, it’s the most rewarding job in the world.

Somebody wrote to me recently and said, "I'm crying as I write this letter. We've been renting homes. We've never had money. We've always struggled. And then I've been listening to your wealth wiring and I don't know what's happened but all of a sudden, everything is changing. We decided to buy the home we live in. Our landlord's given us a whole year to raise the money. I know we're going to raise it. I know it because ever since I listened to that wealth wiring, everything is changing. I don't know why and I don't know how."

I get letters like that every day. Today I was walking down the street and this girl went to me, "Are you Marisa Peer?" And she just started saying "You changed my life. You're just amazing. I love your energy."

Someone asked "Are you sick of hearing this?" My response was "How could I be sick of hearing that? I could never be sick of hearing that."

It's an amazing life to be a therapist, especially an RTT therapist, because you change people really quickly, usually in between one and three sessions. It's an amazing life because you work your own hours. You pick your own salary. We give you a guideline of what you can expect to charge. Usually it starts about $250 a session. Some people charge a lot more than that and specialise in a particular niche. Everyone's got their own agenda and motivations. Some people say: I want to be super successful, be on a world stage, have books and a radio show, have a column. Whereas other people say, "I just want to work my own scheduled hours from home seeing clients and really impacting people." Others want to help people going through what they went through as they have found the solution with RTT and want to share it with as many people as possible.

Some of our RTT graduates work online and never have an office, working with clients all over the world. It's such an amazing job because you can't change people's lives like that without dramatically and powerfully changing your own. The training is very hands on. We've had people train with us and say "You know I've done a degree in therapy. I've done a degree in hypnosis. I've done two degrees in hypnosis. You know what? I learnt all the theory but didn't really know how to work with a client until I took RTT training."

We don't just do theory, we go straight to the most important part and we learn as we do it through hours of hands-on practise throughout the training. On day one, you learn how to hypnotise and will hypnotise someone and have it done to you, so you know how it feels. On day two, you learn how to regress someone and again you will have the experience of both doing it to someone and receiving it. On day three, you learn how to put a session together. You learn how to do the recording. You learn specialist areas like infertility, health problems, relationship problems, working in the corporate world, working in sport, weight, how to free people from addictions and phobias. We also show you how to market yourself. We include training on how to Build A Busy Practise, because it's not enough to be an amazing therapist if nobody knows where you are. Many people have said "Wow, that Build a Busy Practise is amazing." We want you to be busy and successful, so you can transform as many lives as possible. We show you how to get the best results for you and your clients.

You can also benefit from a mentor and a practise buddy. You get your own Facebook group so that you are supported and surrounded by a community of peers. People write in and go, "I can't believe this level of support and amazing staff."

We have a great tribe. We help each other. We support each other. We celebrate each other's successes. We share clients. People say "You know, I'm working with someone, this girl of 15. Her mother wants a session. I don't really think it's appropriate to work with the mother. The daughter doesn't want that. Who would like to see the mother. She lives in X." People regularly give clients to other therapists, especially if they specialise in particular fields. It's a wonderful world, being a therapist, because you make such a difference and everyone is there because they want to help people and make a positive impact. If you have a job that gives you meaning, purpose, significance, connection, financial freedom and your own hours, that's amazing. I love it. I plan to do it for the rest of my life. I don’t think I will ever want to retire.

If you want to know more about how to be a therapist. You're thinking, "Oh, it’s alright for you Marisa. You've been doing it for years. You're just lucky. You're just gifted.” None of which is true, by the way. You can speak to one of the therapists that I trained. We have 3000 of them now, all over the world. You can book a call with a therapist. They're not there to sell you anything. They're just there to tell you what it's like. They were where you were and have been through the process and can share their experiences.

In fact, I was doing my course in London this year and there was a girl called Sofia who came. She's one of our trainers. Last year in April, she was suicidal. So suicidal that she found one of the people I trained online and had a session with her. She said it changed her life. The suicidal feelings went away completely. She's like, "You know what? Not only have I got over this, I need to do this for other people." Two weeks later she was on a plane. She arrived in New York. I trained her only a year and a month ago. So a year and two months ago she was suicidal. A year and a month ago she was in New York doing our training. Now not only is she an incredibly busy therapist who's booked all the time, she's one of our trainers. She came to London, she joined our Train the Trainer programme. You can read about her story here: RTT Comes to Life -How Sofia Beat Suicidal Depression and Became an RTT Therapist.

It's an amazing thing to see people who were desperate, sad, suicidal, lonely, broke, poor, unhappy who are now thriving because of the training, having their own clients, working with me and some of them are becoming trainers, which is amazing.

You can do this too...

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