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Ask for a Second Try – How to do it

Ask For a Second Try

Before you ask for a second try, write out why you want to get back together and be sure what your reasons are.

For example:

  • “I have dated other men but it only makes me realise what I have with you.”
  • “I have spent x amount of time away from you and yet the missing you never subsides.”
  • “I have realised that we only argued about your untidiness/lateness and now I know it does not matter. I have decided to accept that as a part of you rather than argue about it.” Make sure you can commit to this  and tell him that.
  • You can be practical too..  “Since all our arguments were about the division of chores we can get a cleaner to solve that issue.”

If you argue the most about something you do – e.g. drinking, spending, working or flirting too much etc. Tell him that you are having therapy to deal with this and since the issue is getting solved you can get back together without it affecting your relationship a second time around.

Make sure you have identified why you broke up, why you should ask for a second try and why what broke you up can be resolved so it won’t break you up again. It will make your reasons even more compelling and make sense to him.

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