Discover what is holding you back from having the healthy body that you deserve and want. Take control of how you think about your health and wellbeing and make today the start of a new, healthy life. By changing the pictures in your mind around certain foods, you can free yourself from overeating and craving junk food and maintain your perfect weight forever.

Think Yourself Thin

(Originally published in Diet Now, 2008, p. 38-39) Think Yourself Thin with Marisa Diet guru Marisa Peer believes the secret to weight loss lies in changing your attitude to food. She shows you how to break your bad eating habits for good. Celebrity Fit Club’s resident diet guru Marisa Peer says her relationship with food […]

Addictive Foods, do they exist?

Addictive Foods….Are there such things? Posted on December 22nd 2011 by Marisa Peer Scientists say that certain sugary snacks have a similar effect to hard drugs, making them addictive foods. Here’s why some people are more prone to craving junk than others – and how to overcome addictive foods for healthier habits. Don’t plunge deeper […]

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