Addiction Articles By Marisa Peer

Addictions are habits of action run by habits of thought. By changing the thought process, as well as the habit itself, long term success is almost always achieved. Willpower alone is not powerful enough, we need to get to the root cause and work with the subconscious mind, which is ten times more powerful, as this is the way to achieve lasting change.

Do you think about what you drink?

Are you aware of how much you are drinking and the effect it is having on your body? Can you enjoy drinking without the killer hangover? Would you like some useful insights on how you can make healthier habits as we come into the festive season? This week’s #AlcoholAwarenessWeek aims to help people understand the […]

End Your Addictions with Marisa Peer

End Your Addictions- Marisa has enormous success in curing all types of addictions She specializes in all addictions especially to end your addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping and food. An addiction is classed as anything that moves you away from a bad feeling and towards a good feeling. Addictions are habits of action that […]