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Ann Macdonald – RTT Comes to Life Interview

Published: October 24, 2019    

Updated: March 23, 2021

October 24, 2019    

Ann Macdonald – RTT Comes to Life Interview

Ann Macdonald is an RTT Therapist who has had the most extraordinary life-changing journey. From homelessness to personal healing, Ann is now helping others be phenomenal with RTT.

Ann recently shared with the community that using RTT, she managed to go from being ‘90% ill and disabled to 95% healthy and fit’.

We wanted to find out more and so can you in this incredible real life interview...

Ann, please can you share more of your experience and how you used RTT to go from ‘90% ill and disabled to 95% healthy and fit’? We would love to her more…

My life before RTT could be summarized as ‘too much for too long’. It would take a book to write the full impact of how horrendous life was for 24 years due to the symptoms and disabilities that caused me to be at least 90% dysfunctional. I now consider that 24 years a total waste of over half my adult life, living a life that was ‘NO LIFE!’

It is too big a story to tell in a few words; every single aspect of life was affected by ill health and dysfunction 24 hours a day, every single week, for 24 years. I was alive but not living, too ill to live a life worth living!

How did you discover RTT? What was your experience?

Even the story of how I found Marisa Peer is too much for an article; a big trauma made me homeless, so staying with a friend, I had internet access and came across a free Masterclass with Marisa Peer.

So lying on an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room, I watched the talk by Marisa Peer and decided to follow the instructions of the hypnosis session on offer for free. The truth is that there is no way that I would ever have been able to access Marisa Peer or RTT if it had not been for that free Masterclass.

What was your experience with RTT? How has your life changed as a result?

The session was ‘Bulletproof Against Rejection’ and it gave me the understanding that rejection is the ROOT OF ALL FEAR. I lay on the bed with pillows under my knees as I couldn’t lie flat and with my mobile phone at my side, volume up to maximum and I followed Marisa Peer’s voice…

In one session on a mobile phone, my life was transformed, never to be the same again. Fear was indeed, not just an overwhelming symptom, FEAR was, and always had been the root cause of all my problems!

I repeated the session about 3 times when I initially found it, and then I did it another 3 times with friends I hoped it would help...and it did!

After that one session, bundles of symptoms vanished. Simply vanished as if they had never plagued me for years...

  • 24 years of three areas of lower back pain: sciatica, scoliosis, narrowed discs, hip pain, knee pain, shin pain, ankle and foot pain – ALL GONE!
  • Up to 24 years of migraines (11 years constant), cluster headaches, nausea, visual disturbances (patches of colour), flashing lights, dizziness, waves over my head, falling over, wrong tasting food, drinks, smells, etc. – ALL VANISHED!

I could not just do normal mobility things easily and effortlessly, such as getting out of bed and walk. I no longer had a lifetime fear of descending, to the extent of being able to joyfully walk and bounce down a sandy hillside. The lifetime fear of the frozen white stuff was no longer an issue as I danced on the snow, just because I could – and I loved it!

How is RTT different from other approaches you have tried?

RTT is different because it involves dialoguing with the all-knowing subconscious mind. It is therefore able to give understanding about traumas and patterns and rewire the brain through neuroplasticity, to reset, upgrade and transform, to be one’s free and best self.

How do you feel now as a result of RTT?

Phenomenal! Totally awesome; I’m a shiny, healthy and phenomenally happy person with a bright abundant future ahead with my new RTT business.

What has been your biggest impact with RTT? What are you most proud of?

Being inspirational to others! This moves me to the depths of my being to have a happy ending (beginning) when the prognosis for my life was so bleak for so long. Now my tears are tears of pure joy and gratitude. I am enabled by Marisa Peer and RTT to help others truly heal from their traumas so that they can be free to live wonderful lives.

Every single bit of enablement that RTT has given me back has given me more joy and gratitude than I have ever felt in my entire life!

Anything else you would like to share?

Marisa Peer’s RTT methods and hypnotherapy work with even the very worst of conditions; the transformation is rapid and then the brain continues to make the transformation permanent.

My life is more than phenomenal now due to Marisa Peer and RTT. After two years of working on myself with RTT and learning Professional RTT, I am now a shiny, happy person with abundant prospects through being an RTT Therapist. I have my own business, helping others be free, be the best of themselves and have the phenomenal lives.

With RTT philosophy, methods and hypnosis, RTT really is truly phenomenal at healing and setting people free to BE PHENOMENAL WITH RTT.

Thank you so much Ann for sharing your incredible experience with us. On behalf of all the people who will read and relate to your story, who will find hope and inspiration in your words and whose lives may be improved as a result...


If you would like to find out more….

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If You Have a Story to Share…

We love to hear your real-life stories of how RTT has impacted you or your client’s lives. If you would like to share your experience with the wider community, so as many people can benefit as possible, please email [email protected].

Author: Marisa Peer
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Marisa shares her 30 years experience as an award-winning therapist to celebrities, top athletes and even royalty. She is the creator of RTT, the new method that is transforming the face of therapy.
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