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Another amazing story! I saw Marisa on my 16th round of IVF and I totally subscribed to what she asked me to do. I fell pregnant on that cycle and...

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Self Esteem Mini-Course

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Think You Might Have a Limiting Belief? Here Is How to Break It

Our limiting beliefs are one of the biggest mental blocks holding us back.  Many of us dream big, but there is always an inner voice telling us we are not...

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Free Gifts: Self Esteem Mini-Course

Join my FREE mini-course and begin to immediately build your self-esteem! Ready to learn how? I’ve made this training free and available to you NOW - So let’s get started!...

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RTT Awards

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) has been recognized as one of the most effective treatments available for rapid and long-lasting results… RTT is a distinctive therapeutic approach based on neuroscience, combining...

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Why Do I Hate Myself and How to Love Myself Instead?

You fail an exam, your career takes a nosedive, or you ruin your relationship. The first thought that comes to your mind is: “I hate myself!” You forgot to buy...

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Free Gifts

Thank you for watching my videos, as a special thanks, please download our free gifts below.  ​​With all my love x Marisa Peer's Audios Healing Vortex Overcome emotional and physical issues...

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The Best Guide for Building the Self-Worth Within You

Has your feeling of self-worth taken a hit recently? Have you felt yourself feeling lower than normal about yourself, struggling with your opinion of yourself in these turbulent times? Perhaps...

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How To Stop Being Jealous—7 Ways To Get A Grip On Jealousy

When your jealousy is getting out of control and negatively impacting your relationships, it is recommended to start learning how to stop being jealous. Occasional jealousy can be healthy for...

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How Fearful Avoidant Attachment Affects Your Love Life

Attachment style is a way in which we relate and interact with those important to us. It affects how we choose our partners, how well our relationships progress, and how...

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