8053 UK T&C Payment Plan T&C Sign

UK customers - T&C signature page - leads to Payment T&Cs too

You have chosen to pay with a payment plan and there are specific Terms that relate to this choice.

Please review the document below and sign in the same way that you did for the main Terms in the previous step.

[hs_uk_plan templateid=”80c351b73a312b4257a16b2cbc6b8b0d8b1a665f” redirect_url=”/8053-ty-hs-prod/” accepted_tag_ID=”22517″ declined_tag_ID=”22519″ course_name=”RTT 9xx Test” course_start_date=”dd-mm-yyyy” full_price=”$3950″ deposit_paid=”$500″ deposit_date=”dd-mm-yyyy” payplan_term=”12″ instalment=”$285″ payplan_nth_day=”” payplan_complete_date=”dd-mm-yyyy” final_payment=”285″ late_fee=”$25″ late_interest=”10%” ]