My Life as a Therapist Webinar

 August 2018

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Would you like a career where you can dramatically and powerfully change peoples lives?

As an RTT therapist once you learn this ability your life will always have purpose and meaning and you will never want to do anything else.

What I love the most about being a Rapid Transformational Therapist is knowing that I can give every client coming into my office, the results that they want and need. After just one session, the change is obvious and it is so rewarding to see people transform right in front of you because what an RTT therapist always gives to their clients is empowerment and freedom.

When you receive messages from clients saying “you changed my life”, “I got pregnant after your session after trying for 5 years”, “I took a flight for the first time in 10 years”, “my skin is now perfect”, “I am finally my perfect weight”, “I have the love that I always wanted” - nothing else compares.

Many of us have a calling to help people but have never understood how to effectively monetize this and end up out of balance because we give so much but don’t receive enough back. Many therapists burn out early because they give so much of themselves. However, RTT is so effective and the results are fast and permanent so therapists don’t need ongoing sessions with clients and thus avoid the burnout of putting in too many hours. Many of our therapists see just 7 clients a week and earn more than they were earning in a month seeing 6-8 clients a day. They particularly love the freedom to dictate their own hours.

Do you want to know if you could be an RTT therapist?

I will also tell you about my exciting upcoming live training course in London in September 2018, where you can learn how to do what I do and get the phenomenal results that I get more rapidly than with any other therapy.